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Alas, alack.

Turns out that all of my friends are planning to go to Homecoming next year as "goths".*

Turns out that they've been planning this since last Homecoming.

Turns out that all of them forgot to tell me until today - oh, wait, sorry, they "thought [I] was there, we're always discussing it!"

I felt like I ought to be annoyed, or hurt, or something, but in reality all I thought was "Greeeeeat. Hey, I wonder if I can find any good Cassidy fanfiction on the 'Net." (Note: I was told this as Nets and I were leaving World Religions - her to lunch, me to the library, so it wasn't quite as geeky as it sounded.)

* I am now sorely tempted to show up in furs and a battle ax.
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