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So, my ACT scores came the other day.

And dang, I RULE. Well, except in math. Then I only moderately rock.

Each main section, the score is out of 36. Each sub section is out of 18.

English 35
- Usage/Mechanics 18
- Rhetorical Skills 17

Mathematics 26
- Pre-Algebra/Elem. Algebra 15
- Alg./Coord. Geometry 13
- Plane Geometry/Trig. 13

Reading 36
- Soc. Studies/Sciences 17
- Arts/Literature 18

Science 34

Composite 33

99th percentile for all English, reading, science, and composite. 85th percentile for overall math. 89th for pre-algebra/elementary algebra, 86th for algebra/coordinate geometry, and 84th for plane geometry/trig.
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