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"When did crazy stop being a reason?"

Colby knows of Edgerton! Bwah! The bastard son of Clint Eastwood and Yoda!

The unidentified black guy looks kinda like Warrick from CSI.

Yay, Larry! Even if I am a Larry/Don shipper, the Larry/Megan is kinda cute. Larry in general is cute. He makes Diane Farr bareable to me!

The voice of the channel 8 cameraman sounds like Greg from CSI. That's the second time I've typed "...from CSI". Oy.

Aw, Colby is so very, very cute. And he caught the chronological progression.

Charlie: "Wait, you have an apartment?"
Don: "Haha."

I KNOW THIS PROBLEM! THE SEVEN BRIDGES ONE! OOOH! I love it when Numb3rs makes me feel smart.

Charlie: "Pre World War I Prussia, but anyway!"

Alan: "Don't you have midterms to grade?"
Charlie: "I'll get the TA's to do 'em."

Aw! Charlie's grin after remeeting Edgreton was so cute! He was adorable.

Don seems to be thinking the same thing I am: McHugh is in dump.

Haha, they totally fought over pushpins in the wall.

Ruh-roh. Of course, the Eppes are morons for talking in front of a window anyway. I never talk in front of windows. I hate windows.

I love this Tide-to-Go commercial. "What'd they send me, a doggone Houdini?!"

They're drinking out of McHugh mugs. Mwaha! I love the little details.

Charlie, you are a smug bastard. "Isn't that interesting?"

Edgerton: "When did crazy stop being a reason?"

I love them both pointing. And it's Graybridge's guy who shot the negotiator. I SO SMRT!

Don: "Why don't you get back to the hotel?"
Charlie: "Why?"
Edgerton: "Fresh sign!"
Don: "That's why."


I hope they reimberse McHugh for the being on the run and stuff. That would be nice. Or, rather, make Graybridge pay him. That would be poetic justice.

Charlie: "You don't want to kill him."
Don: "Charlie, we realize that. He's not exactly giving us a lot of options here."

Edgerton: "This mean anything to you?"
Don: "Yeah, only that he's probably right."

Don: "She can also kick his ass, but he doesn't know that."
Megan: "Aha, I see what kind of big brother he was."

Yay! Nobody more died!

Edgerton: "I have the best time with you guys."

Larry: "He got what he wanted at the cost of his soul." Theoretical physicist my ass. Philosopher more like.

Larry: "And we're closer to an answer on that then you three will ever get on this." Leaves.
Charlie: "Megan?"
Don: "And Larry."
Alan: "Now there's an image."
Eppes: Laughter.

Yes, that's right everyone. Me and Larry. I WIN! (I like being delusional, mkay? So stfukthxbai.)
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