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Today was FUN!

Find Me Guilty kicks all sorts of ass. I love me some Vin Diesel. Although it was odd seeing Barek in it. Bwaha.

And know what else rules? Owning the final season of 21 Jump Street, which I plan to watch a bit of ASAP. I now own the complete set of 21JS canon - including Booker spinoff. Meaning, after I finish watching it all, I can write fic to my heart's content!

We went to Bonnie's after school today, and when we were leaving at around six-ish, I was putting on a sock (I had taken them off so I could chase Colin all over the place) while standing up. So I was all nice and balanced on one leg, so I said "Hey, ma, look at my mad balancing skillz!" And yes, I promptly fell over. Even worse, the foot I put down to catch myself? Already had a sock on. And it was on the side that was over linoleum. So that foot slid, and I came close to doing the splits and then fell forward onto my knees, a little on the shocked side. My mother, of course, was cracking the fuck up the entire time.
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