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My childhood memories... all weirded out.

So, I was bored. And then I randomly looked up V.R. Troopers, because I was wondering if I'd recognize any of the actors now. Well, I found out that the one I had a crush on went on to be a country music singer. Bwuh? Anyway, then I went and looked up Biker Mice From Mars.

And found out that the British decided to revive it.


And not ONLY that. But I also found out that the voice of Modo? Also the voice of a bunch of other childhood faves of mine, PLUS being Julian Wilkes on Viper! And a bunch of other stuff! I'm flailing here, dudes, srsly. And Throttle? What cartoons HASN'T he done voices for?! In-fucking-cluding Pinky of Pinky and the Brain, Buck Tuddrussel from Time Squad, Carl from Jimmy Neutron, and the beetle from the Ant Bully that I totally effing LOVED. Thankfully, Vinnie wasn't in near that much. Except for nearly three hundred episodes of Beverly Hills 90210!!!!!

...sorry. I died there for a moment. Better now. Jesus-effing-christ.

(OH, and NCIS was the best effing thing EVAR, fyi.)
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