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NaNo Characters!

As I wait for the latest Torchwood to download, I present thee with: my NaNo characters! Starting off, of course, with the main character, then his co-workers, then family, then friends.

Detective Ryan Galloway, age 30: the sarcastic, assholish star.

Detective Peter Adessi, age 47: Ryan's partner. Divorced, has three kids (Petey, age 21; Melissa, age 18; and Jenny, age 12).

Detective Tally Rivera, age 43: Another detective who commonly works with Ryan and Peter, partnered to Ethan. Is married to John, a painter, and has two kids (Hope, age 10; and Sammy, age 3).

Detective Ethan O'Keefe, age 27: Tally's partner, the whiz kid of homicide. An innocent little puppy dog.

Frances and William Galloway, ages 64 and 67: The only daughter of wealthy socialites and a retired firefighter, they're Ryan's parents.

Top Row: Terri Galloway (age 22, engaged to an Art O'Connor); William Galloway Jr. (age 45, Ryan's oldest brother, a firefighter); Marcia Galloway (age 43, Will's wife).
Bottom Row: Mike Galloway (age 13); Rob Galloway (age 9); Marshall Galloway (age 14).

Patrick Lake-Galloway, age 43: Ryan's other brother, a stock-broker.
Elizabeth Lake-Galloway, age 39: Patrick's wife, a lawyer.

Tyler Galloway, age 19: Patrick and Elizabeth's son, a lazy, spoiled brat who still lives with his parents and doesn't want to go to college.

Maxwell Garcia, age 30: Ryan's best friend since toddlerhood. They grew up next door to each other, went to the same Catholic school (where Ryan was a screw-up and Max was the golden boy), etc.

Tina Smith, age 23: Ryan's very best bowling buddy, a pre-med student with a tongue as sharp as Ryan's.

There's also Ryan's uncle, Mayor Charles Olivier, his wife Mary, and their son Bradley, but I have no pics for them yet.

And now, the download is finished, so I'm gonna watch me some Torchwood goodness!
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