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Icon Pairing Meme

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. etc.

1. Aaron (Wonderfalls)/Alec (DA): Actually, I could see this. Scary.
2. Beast (X-Men)/Booker (21JS): Disturbing. That's all I have to say.
3. Brian Cassidy (L&O:SVU)/Buffy: DUDES. Someone needs to write this, NOW.
4. Bug (CJ)/Cassidy (VM): Creepy. Interesting, but creepy.
5. Cassie (She Spies)/Charlie (#s): She'd eat him alive. Now, him and D.D., THAT I could see. I could also see Cassie/David Sinclair, and actually now I REALLY want to see that...
6. Cliff (VM)/Colby (#s): This would be entitled 'Fanservice for Lee'.
7. Conti (In Justice)/Danny (CSI:NY): Dude, that could actually work. I mean it.
8. Eames (LOCI)/Eddie (Wanted): Actually... Yes. Whoa.
9. Eric (Wonderfalls)/Faith (BtVS): She'd kill the poor boy!
10. Flack (CSINY)/Ginny (HP): Um, no.
11. Goren (LOCI)/Greg (CSI): Actually, creepily, yes. But then, I've a soft spot for Greg/Grissom too.
12. Gus (Psych)/Hanson (21JS): Again, oddly a yes.
13. Hawkes (CSINY)/Hodges (CSI): ...this. Must. Be. WRITTEN.
14. Jamie Madrox (X-Men)/Jimmie (Wanted): Actually, with comics!Jamie, this would work.
15. Johnny (Rescue Me)/Jonathan (BtVS): Er. Well, dead people, right?
16. Kate (NCIS)/Keith (VM): I like to think that Keith has better taste, but that might actually work...
17. Lash (Sky High)/Leo (VM): 'Fanservice for Lee, Part 2'
18. LJ (Prison Break)/Logan (DA): Oddly, yes. Of course, I haven't seen the last about twenty episodes of Prison Break, but still.
19. Logan (VM)/Lu (CJ): Yes, actually. Huh.
20. Mac (21JS)/Matt Seely (CJ): I actually already had ideas about that, but I'll shut up now.
21. Meg (VM)/Mike (Rescue Me): Erm, actually, yes. Scary, yes.
22. Mr. Cross (She Spies)/Mr. Universe (Serenity): Hells yeah!
23. Murphy (Oz)/Nick (CSI): This could actually work, dudes!
24. Nigel (CJ)/Owen (TW): ...oh. my. god. YES. YESYESYESYESYES. I NEED FIC NOOOOW.
25. Penhall (21JS)/Piz (VM): Yes, again.
26. River (FF/Serenity)/Robbie (RFR): Uh, no.
27. Ryan (Oz)/Sean Garrity (Rescue Me): Garrity may be too stupid, but yes otherwise.
28. Shawn (Psych)/Sheila (Rescue Me): NO.
29. Sketchy (DA)/Swain (In Justice): DUDE. Freaky brilliant.
30. Toby Beecher (Oz)/Tommy Gavin (RM): ...this is kind of awesome.
31. Tony (NCIS)/Travis (RFR): ...dudes. Cool. I mean, obviously only if Travis was older. But still.
32. Vartann (CSI)/Veronica (VM): Haha, dude. This has all the allure of Veronica/Lamb, but without the awkward backstory!
33. Vinnie (VM)/Warren (BtVS): ...it wouldn't be fun, but I could see this working.
34. Wesley (BtVS)/Zacharias (HP): ...WOW. LOVE.
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