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One part angst, 99 parts babble.

My "review" (hah) of 33 Bullets - so SPOILERS for the latest Crossing Jordan!

Okay. I'm kind of pissed they killed Lu. I mean, it was pretty much inevitable, but at the same time... I liked her. Damn it. That was a pretty nice way to deal with it, though, compared to SOME of the deaths (or disappearences) on this show. Although it's also becoming a little like, anybody who dates Woody who isn't Jordan? Yeah, you gonna die.

To the parts of the show not about Lu dying: I am in love with Switzer, and with Bug!backstory, and with the fact that this episode makes the PERFECT excuse for Matt!fic. I mean, fifteen minutes in and I already started a fic about Matt during the riot - I may throw Ivers in, too.

In that vein, was the kid's name Jammal or Jammar? I seem to remember the two 'm's pretty clearly, but not the end. Right now, he's Jammal Wilkes, but if y'all can tell me differently, do speak up.
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