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I love Psych - I didn't realize I missed it so much!

I love love love LOVE Buzz. And as much as I love the Chief getting credit-status, can Buzz be added too? I luff him! He's so cute and squishy. Love love love love!

And Nigel St. Nigel?

Also, Lassie's new name is Count Chocula. And I sort of adore Saffron aka Paula. And Nigel + Shawn's dad is my new OTP for this show.

And, omg. My new favorite scene is totally the completely awesome dinner with Nigel, Henry, Shawn, and Gus. I mean... it's just PERFECTION.

(In case any of you doubted it, I'm totally Gus. Man, you should see me when Julia and Piper try to take some o' my Cookie Crisp, I go freakin' rabid, dawg. (Although I'm not that obsessed with reality TV - anymore. But hey, back it up a few years to the first season of the Apprentice, and hells yeah.)

I guess that makes Julia Shawn? That's... highly disturbing. Although, it IS exactly how she acts when she's off her meds. Huh. So who's our Juliet, and Lassie - er, Count Chocula - and Henry, and Buzz, and Chief? Well, I guess Carmen can be the Chief (I'd say Tracy, but we're controlled far easier by Carmen). Carter can be Buzz, although I don't think Buzz is quite as hyper.

"Shawn, we're in a hallway. Clinging to the wall doesn't make us invisible."
"...agree to disagree."

Shawn gave Paula (or whatever) a pineapple. And Count Chocula being all overdramatic!

Also, Nigel criticizing the attempts on his life? BRILLIANT. I love you, Tim Curry.

And I love the end. With Shawn and MichaelJackson!Gus singing "Shout". This show is just... awesome. This is like mine and Julia's plan to do a finger-puppet version the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny for our school talent show. (But then the talent show got cancelled.)
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