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My first impressions

Note on that quiz last entry: I think it gave me that result because I chose "SHUT THE FUCK UP" for the last question. What can I say, it's the Humanex effect. I really would say that, it just neglects to mention that I would say it sweetly! (This is assuming I'm friends with my roommates, that is.)

Anyway, Spanish class looks fun, and fencing even more so! I mean, totally exhausting, yes, but fun! And the kids in that class are pretty cool - one was wearing a Republicans for Voldemort shirt, and counting my cammie pants, there were at least five different pieces of camouflage clothing.

Plus, I got giggles when we were practicing our en guard position and muttered, "I am Inigo Montoya!" So hey!

Also, I has anthro and honors tomorrow. AAAAAAHHH! *commences another freak-out*
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