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The perils of working with children

I am soooooo sick. Srsly. Sore (more like burning, raw) throat, headache where my head feels like it's caught in a vice... Yup. Sick. Shoulda realized when I managed to blank out during my class today - I mean, getting sleepy is a common thing, and having tired eyes, but damn, I haven't completely blanked out in class in a long time.

On the other hand, my temperature is at 96.5 F. Which then led me to look up what low temp can be a symptom of. And that didn't rly help. Know what would help? Being able to swallow. Gah. Also? I just closed my eyes for a moment, and totally forgot to breathe. I'm starting to think that maybe I'll call in sick tomorrow, if I still feel like this.
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