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Welsh rugby fans in Denver? It's more likely than you think!

Dude! There's a guy in the honors program who goes to Wales every year (he has a friend who lives there), and is a fan of Doctor Who AND of Welsh rugby! He knew who the fuck I was talking about when I said that Wales started off the Six Nations with 13 Ospreys in first-string, but Alun-Wyn Jones is being taken out for the Scotland match because he got injured versus England. I mean, this guy understood! HE KNEW. I have met somebody in Denver who knows of Welsh rugby! *dies of happy*

In other news, I found a program that looks good for going to Wales for a semester/year abroad. Obviously I'll have to wait until my financial aid kicks in again, but when do you think I should try to go? I was thinking fall '09, but I'm not sure... Any ideas? (Keep in mind I is but a freshie-man right now.)
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