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Babbling about school, more for my benefit than yours.

I feel siiiiiiick. Probably from chugging that ramune before I left the house... Or the, like, six Advil I took last night. Who knows! (Does he?)

Godwin's enacted in honors class!

Anyway, I've started planning my schedule for summer/fall (and I found myself planning around my job in the fall, which surprised me, and then caused me to have a dream where I was interviewing for a job at the daycare of the Department of Transportation, which was underground and also a casino, and the interviewer criticized my attention span). Summer, I'll take American History Since 1865 (41386) and Serial Killers & Violent Offenders (40968). Fall, I'm thinking World History to 1500 (53458), Archaeological Field Research (51558), and First Year Arabic (53359), which will be through CCD. I looked up the instructor for it, and he's totes qualified for court interpretation in both Spanish and Arabic (I know because he's part of a translation service).

Actually, all the professors I've selected for fall seem to be pretty damn awesome. There's the Arabic prof I mentioned earlier, then the history prof, his areas of concentration are the Middle East/Islam and Medieval Europe, and his upper degrees are from U of Toronto, which I wanted to go to for a while.

Aaand after looking at what I wish to take this summer - well, mainly the American History course, because it's Monday-Thursday, 12.15-2.45pm - I think I'll have to quit my current job at the end of June (the class starts the first of July). That'll give me six months of job experience, and I can get a job off-campus, where I can work afternoon/evening shifts, and on the weekend, and - oh yeah - make more than minimum wage. I'll have to think about it, though.
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