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Ehnsis! New! After all these years!

So, as soon as the episode was over, I ran to Wiki to try and figure out what disease is characterized by a decrease in levels of creatine. But then I got distracted by a shiny object, sooo.

Just a few quick notes: first, I love how Tony's nicknames for McGee are constantly evolving - McProbius? C'mon, that's awesome. Also, I love the neuroses of NCIS - man, if the real place is anything like all the crazy minor characters, I would be awesome working there.

(Also, when I was bored in Spanish today, I totally starting writing a self-insert fic where MD forces Gibbs to put an intern on his team, but he gets to pick the intern, and he picks me, because I appear the most likely to break down quickly and ask to be reassigned anywhere, even if it's with the custodial staff.)

In other news... I have no news. Imma nap nao. Zzz...
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