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Okay folks, I'm sure you've all heard of the new Doctor.

So, I kinda enjoy him. Mostly because he's a delicious mix of Tourette's, emo, and psycho-geek. I rather hope 2010 is all just him traveling to various conventions. And meeting Jack, because that'll be hilarious. A psycho!Doctor would be awesome, too. Matt Smith looks damn scary in some shots.

Anyway, mine and Julia's convo about the choice:

biscuiteatingsob (3:59:58 PM): Matt Smith.
theformerclarity (4:00:05 PM): orly?
biscuiteatingsob (4:00:24 PM): ya rly. That's the new Doctor - youngest ever, he's only 26. And he looks evil in the publicity shot.
theformerclarity (4:00:33 PM): orly?
biscuiteatingsob (4:01:01 PM): ya rly. http://pics.livejournal.com/vitalitat/pic/0011a0as
biscuiteatingsob (4:01:29 PM): http://www.gallifreyone.com/picview.php?ret=news&sub=news&id=smith_doctor_3.jpg
theformerclarity (4:01:34 PM): Hm. He's pretty cute. I'd take Tennant over him any day of the week, but still.
theformerclarity (4:02:44 PM): Goddamn, he has the jaw of a horse!

biscuiteatingsob (4:05:55 PM): http://pics.livejournal.com/cleolinda/pic/000xwt5b/g3
theformerclarity (4:06:24 PM): Er. He...is a very severe looking chap.
biscuiteatingsob (4:06:39 PM): Heeee looks like a mega-geek, I gotta say.
biscuiteatingsob (4:06:55 PM): I hope the next season is him wandering around conventions. Iiiii would watch that.
theformerclarity (4:07:08 PM): Indeed.

biscuiteatingsob (4:15:00 PM): ...okay, the news of Eleven has been out for maybe four hours? And there's already a LJ comm: http://community.livejournal.com/elevenseyebrows/
theformerclarity (4:16:27 PM): It's so tru! See, this is exactly why I don't advocate the Jonas Bros getting an eyebrow wax. Guys are supposed to have strong eyebrows! They look weird without them!
biscuiteatingsob (4:16:53 PM): Well, the Jonas bros go a bit overboard, I must say.
biscuiteatingsob (4:17:00 PM): And Eleven makes up for it with Jaw.
theformerclarity (4:17:09 PM): Horse Jaw.
theformerclarity (4:18:01 PM): But his face needs cohesiveness! He has a massive jaw and nose and forehead. The eyebrows are anticlimactic.
biscuiteatingsob (4:18:54 PM): That's what makes him geeky! Besides, he's an alien. He's not supposed to look right.
theformerclarity (4:19:42 PM): Since when do geeks have no eyebrows? Geeks have more eyebrows than the average person! Just look at that guy from REM!
biscuiteatingsob (4:20:04 PM): Nah, I'm saying it's the total lopsidedness that makes him geeky. Most geeks don't have chins, either!
biscuiteatingsob (4:20:11 PM): He's pulling a reverse geek!

biscuiteatingsob (4:27:53 PM): http://www.gallifreyone.com/picview.php?ret=news&sub=news&id=matt_smith_ruby.jpg
theformerclarity (4:28:46 PM): Okay, that works for me. The hat distracts me from the eyebrows.
biscuiteatingsob (4:32:42 PM): http://i42.tinypic.com/2r47om1.jpg ...Reid's younger (half?)brother. Yes.
theformerclarity (4:39:17 PM): Oh man, the glasses are a major improvement.
biscuiteatingsob (4:40:10 PM): Oooh yeah. Makes him look like he has eyebrows
theformerclarity (4:40:17 PM): Exactly.

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