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Iiii almost passed out in the middle of my forensic anthro quiz.

Gah. Managed to get my paper written... about 400 words more than I needed, even. And with no sleep, of course, which makes my skin and hair and everything feel gross and I must resist the urge to wash my hands compulsively.

I've had a profile on FFN for over nine years now. NINE YEARS, YOU GUYS. I'm only nineteen, I don't need this pressure! (For your fyi that was too much tmi, I have been on LJ for 6.5 years.)

Also: wtf, last.fm? Why are my last three played songs the Jonas Brothers? I don't listen to them! I don't even have any of their songs on my iTunes, for cryin' out loud!

Speaking of, one day I should go through my profile and my communities and remove things that no longer apply/are deleted. I mean, I'm a member of over 600 communities. Over 200 of which are friended! Godineedalife.
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