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Life. Literatelly.

So. I'm back in Colorado. And though it's blody hot, I'm glad to be back. Slept over at Joe's Monday night. Us and the Midget managed to make it halfway through "The Freshman" before getting kicked into the living room, where Matt was playing some hockey game on Gamecube.

Earlier, though, we were playing the Game of Life. Midget was a travel agent making 40,000. She married Harry (yes, as in Potter. She has issues...) and ended up with two kids. Guess what? They're named Hermione and Ron. Sigh...

Joe married Drusilla or something, with only one kid. He was making 90,000, I forget which job.

I, on the other hand... I was an accountant making 80,000. I married Jonathan and had Amy, Andrew, Warren, Freddie, Amanda, Ethan, and Jesse. Then, I adopted twin Chinese girls named Buffy and Daaw. Or Dawn. Whatever. So, yeah, I hit every 'kid' spot on the bloody board.

Pathetic, really. It happens every time I play. I almost ran out of names.

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