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Ha! I steal survey and quiz from chaineddove

I KNOW: the content of more books than is good.

I WANT: lots. Mostly, good writing ability and more people on HHP!

I HAVE: no pants on.

I WISH: I could stop chewing on my hair. And be taller.

I MISS: The simple pre-Colorado days when I was an honor-roll student.

I FEAR: pain.

I HEAR: the Cosby show, right now.

I SEARCH: for an uber-active, fun RP. And a good fic.

I WONDER: about everything.

I REGRET: stuff.

I LOVE: books. And a guy whose initials are TS.

I CARE: not enough.

I ALWAYS: belive what I want to.

I AM NOT: stupid.

I DANCE: to feel free.

I SING: to feel free.

I CRY: when I'm angry or injured.

I DO NOT ALWAYS: listen to others.

I FIGHT: when I have to.

I WRITE: a lot.

I WIN: because I refuse to lose.

I LOSE: my temper. And my train of thought. And pretty much everything else.

I CONFUSE: everyone. Including myself.

I LISTEN: to anything that isn't rap.

I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: in front of a computer, or reading a book.

I AM HAPPY ABOUT: being home.

I SHOULD: go put pants on.

Threat rating: High. The Bush administration is
concerned that it may not get a second term.
Therefore, we are going to change the rules so
that each Democrat vote only counts as 0.2
votes because Democrat is a shorter word than

What threat to the Bush administration are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Ha. I knew it.

Now, some signatures I've made for HHP.

The first is mine.
Morgan Banner

The second is Andy's.
Winston Adams

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