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Okies, I've downloaded the Segmagic LJ thingie, so no more having to bring up the page to post! Aren't ya'll happy?

Right then.

I've also just woken up.

Note to self: Do not stay up until 5 AM working on fanart ever again. Aforementioned picture is finished, in color, and awaiting my mum's permission to scan onto her computer.

Oh, crap. I forgot. Her laptop is broken. Shit. I'm screwed. Oh well.

The picture is of the "Ravenclaw 3" as I call them in my mind. Y'know, Michael Corner, Anthony Goldstein, and Terry Boot? How they always go everywhere together in OotP? So yeah, I drew them. Thier faces are funky, and Mike's robes are really screwy. You also can't see Mike's Ravenclaw badge or Tony's Prefect badge very well. Terry's not wearing his robes, so no worries about that.

Now. I'm gonna go to HHP and see whom I can harass today. Ciao!

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