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O.W.L. work in 1st year?


No one's on....

That makes me mad!

What makes me madder is that people are on and not posting! *kills non-posty people*

Plus, we've got 5 feet of parchment on why you should pay attention in Charms class, another foot on a situation where the deflecting charm would be handy, and five and a half feet on the importance of caution while in greenhouses in Herbology. Oy vey. At least there's no work in Transfiguration. DAtDA hasn't even started yet, and Potions is still running. So we'll probably have homework there too.

What is this, O.W.L.s?! We don't have any 5th years!

Oh well.

And does anyone else find me rather pathetic for ranting about homework in a RP?

Sigh... I wish Andy was on. Then we could RP the heck out of HHP. But of course, he isn't. Baka... *kicks repeatedly*

Right then. I'll be going now...

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