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I am the Green Day song "Basketcase."
Take the What Green Day Song Are You? quiz.

As if I needed a quiz to tell me. *scoff*

Now. I feel the need to join more RPGs. No, I don't know why. Oh, I've also forgotten who I joined Marneons as, so I'll be reapplying there too. Sigh...

You represent... apathy.
You represent... apathy.
You don't really show any emotion. You can be
considered cruel and cold, but you just don't
really care about anything. This is just the
way you are... you're quite a challenge to get
close to, and others may perceive you as

What feeling do you represent?
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And now, a chat:
Otakulee [12:19 PM]: Daym!
Katreon [12:19 PM]: you were gone an awfully long time O.o
Otakulee [12:19 PM]: South Branch has like 20 Buffy graphic novels!
Katreon [12:19 PM]: wow...
Katreon [12:19 PM]: i wannit...
Otakulee [12:20 PM]: *nodnod* I got 3 of them, 3 Adult SF books, and one teen book.
Katreon [12:20 PM]: cool
Otakulee [12:21 PM]: *nodnod*
Otakulee [1:30 PM]: http://www.selectsmart.com/RELIGION/
Otakulee [1:33 PM]: neko?
Katreon [1:34 PM]: yeah?
Katreon [1:34 PM]: im taking it
Otakulee [1:34 PM]: okie.
Katreon [1:35 PM]: sorry im a bit distracted *blushes furiously and mumbles*
Otakulee [1:36 PM]: ...
Katreon [1:36 PM]: ...
Otakulee [1:38 PM]: 5.New Age (88%)
Otakulee [1:38 PM]: 4.Theravada Buddhism (89%)
Otakulee [1:38 PM]: 3.Secular Humanism (94%)
Otakulee [1:39 PM]: 2.Neo-Pagan (94%)
Otakulee [1:39 PM]: 1.Unitarian Universalism (100%)
Katreon [1:39 PM]: wow
Otakulee [1:39 PM]: what?
Katreon [1:39 PM]: lotsa stuff
Otakulee [1:40 PM]: what lotsa stuff?
Katreon [1:40 PM]: *shrug* idk. stuff.
Katreon [1:43 PM]: 5. Neo-Pagan (76%)
Katreon [1:43 PM]: 4. Liberal Quakers (76%)
Katreon [1:44 PM]: 3. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (78%)
Katreon [1:45 PM]: 2. Mainline - Liberal Christian Protestants (91%)
Katreon [1:45 PM]: 1. Unitarian Universalism (100%)
Otakulee [1:45 PM]: lol.
Katreon [1:45 PM]: eeeyep.
Katreon [1:53 PM]: bleck. our a/c conked out yesterday. so im dying a slow, painful, HOT death.
Otakulee [1:57 PM]: Oh, I feel for you. Baka, I don't have a/c.
Katreon [1:58 PM]: oh yeah. lol. me stoopid.
Otakulee [1:58 PM]: :-P
Katreon [1:58 PM]: *blink blink*
Katreon [1:58 PM]: ...
Otakulee [1:59 PM]: :-D
Katreon [2:00 PM]: thats freaky
Otakulee [2:00 PM]: 8-)
Otakulee [2:06 PM]: :-);-):-(:-P=-O:-*>:o:-D:-$:-!:-[O:-):-\:'(:-X8-)
Katreon [2:06 PM]: AIEEEEEEE
Otakulee [2:06 PM]: lol.
Katreon [2:06 PM]: lol
Otakulee [2:11 PM]: Mer.
Katreon [2:11 PM]: .reM
Otakulee [2:13 PM]: :-!
Katreon [2:14 PM]: ...that's frightening...
Otakulee [2:15 PM]: Innit though?
Katreon [2:15 PM]: yep
Otakulee [2:18 PM]: pey

And again:
Boogiefoo Mind [1:57 PM]: What's up, Lee?
Otakulee [1:58 PM]: Ceiling's up, Andy.
Boogiefoo Mind [1:58 PM]: Go figure.
Otakulee [1:59 PM]: You think you'd would've learned by now...
Boogiefoo Mind [1:59 PM]: XD *looks at TeeBee* AL-TV!
Otakulee [2:00 PM]: ...You're kida scary...
Otakulee [2:00 PM]: kinda*
Boogiefoo Mind [2:01 PM]: It's a parody of MTV to promote Weird Al's new album. I'ma see him at Westbury Music Fair.
Otakulee [2:01 PM]: Grr. Dislike of you rages within me.
Boogiefoo Mind [2:02 PM]: Al: Are you more against Britney Spears or Hitler?
Boogiefoo Mind [2:02 PM]: This show's hilarious.
Otakulee [2:02 PM]: *snicker*
Boogiefoo Mind [2:03 PM]: See, they intersperse clips from actual interviews with Weird Al talking.
Boogiefoo Mind [2:04 PM]: He's "interviewing" Avril Lavigne, whom I dislike. ¬¬
Otakulee [2:04 PM]: o.O
Otakulee [2:04 PM]: Why?
Boogiefoo Mind [2:04 PM]: Poser. >:
Otakulee [2:05 PM]: I like her music!
Boogiefoo Mind [2:05 PM]: Her pop music?
Otakulee [2:05 PM]: Grr!
Boogiefoo Mind [2:07 PM]: Hey, wanna hear Le Pamplemousse's life story of the me?
Otakulee [2:07 PM]: ....mer?
Boogiefoo Mind [2:08 PM]: "No-one really knows where or when Andrew Kornfeld was born. He was found
the Pope's hat at the age of three, and soon afterwards, burned the hat
with a fire started in a pile of shoelaces. He was raised by squirrels,
at the age of five, ate his adopted sister. After this, the squirrels
him, and so he lived for five years in an unusually large beehive. While
was living in the unusually large beehive, he invented his own rocket
On his 10th birthday, he took his first ride into space, and
caused the hole in the ozone layer. He made his new home on an
asteroid until he accidentally blew it up, due to an unfortunate
miscalculation, and one too many magenta thongs." But wait there's more!
Boogiefoo Mind [2:09 PM]: "Homeless at the age of
twelve, he decided to live in his ship, until it blew up as well due to
giant can of hairspray hurtling through space. He was stranded on Pluto
5 days, until he was picked up by Zaphod Beeblebrox and his ship, The
of Gold. After living with Zaphod for a week, Andrew became an alcoholic.
his thirteenth birthday, Andrew saved the world a record of eighteen
in two minutes. However, the Earth was still destroyed, and only he, a
identifying herself only as Le Pamplemousse, a boy named Zachariah, and
man named Philip Quast managed to survive. They all currently live on
Heart of Gold, Le Pamplemousse seemingly perhaps TOO concerned with
convincing Philip Quast to help her continue the human race. Andrew and
Zachariah have one son, named Lydia (after Zachariah's late wife.) Lydia
recently married a piece of bacon named Irene."
I divorced him when I found out he was male. Or so I say. >:
Otakulee [2:11 PM]: ... Where'd you get that?
Boogiefoo Mind [2:11 PM]: Le Pamplemousse wrote it.
Otakulee [2:12 PM]: ...who?
Boogiefoo Mind [2:12 PM]: Dani.
Otakulee [2:13 PM]: Ahh
Boogiefoo Mind [2:15 PM]: I sent you a link to her FF.net profile yes'erday.
Otakulee [2:16 PM]: Yeah, I 'member.
Boogiefoo Mind [2:16 PM]: Us and our gratuitous use of colons! HAHAH!
Otakulee [2:18 PM]: lol.
Boogiefoo Mind [2:19 PM]: Weird Al's hilarious. Check VH1's schedule for AL-TV.
Otakulee [2:22 PM]: kays.
Boogiefoo Mind [2:24 PM]: Yay! I got a faerie for 5 referrals!
Otakulee [2:25 PM]: ....
Boogiefoo Mind [2:25 PM]: I luff my NeoPets. :)
Otakulee [2:26 PM]: Ahh, Neopets...
Boogiefoo Mind [2:29 PM]: Al, "to" Celine Dion: How often do you drink the blood of virgins?
Celine: Every day.
Otakulee [2:30 PM]: *snickers uncontrollably*
Boogiefoo Mind [2:30 PM]: Me, too. *shrugs*
Otakulee [2:31 PM]: :-D
Boogiefoo Mind [2:33 PM]: WTF's that face? 0_)
Otakulee [2:33 PM]: :-D <-- It's happy!
Boogiefoo Mind [2:33 PM]: Holy shit, is that an alien or something? 0_0
Otakulee [2:33 PM]: *nodnod*
Boogiefoo Mind [2:34 PM]: 0_)
Otakulee [2:34 PM]: Oh, crud, I've got to go.
Otakulee [2:34 PM]: Talk with ya later?
Boogiefoo Mind [2:34 PM]: Okay.
Otakulee [2:35 PM]: Byes.
Boogiefoo Mind [2:35 PM]: Bye.

Thass all for now. My mum's picking me up with Bonnie and Colin-chan. Then we go eat. Ciao.


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