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So, I'm watching Fillmore. Who knows why?

I finished Farseekers last night after getting back from Bonnie and Craig's. It rocked! So now I'm reading Ashling. Yeah...

Poor Jik... And Pavo... I hope Elspeth and Rushton can get together! Oh, and Daffyd and Druid's mute daughter! They're such a good pair! Anyone else freaked out by Lidgebaby? And I knew it was a firestorm. As soon as I heard 'storm approaching' and 'apprehension' I'm all "NOT A FIRESTORM!!!!" Like I was with Druid's agent in the Council. I'm all "lalalal- ruthless?! Ah, shit, ARIEL!" I almost had a bloody heart attack!

Oi. And Dragon liking Matthew, that's great! Hilarious!

And Elspethelf. I took me til the end of book one to realise Matt was calling her 'Elspeth' (her name) and 'Elf' (what Jes called her). Sigh...

And it took me so long to recognize the Agyllians! And I didn't even remember the map! Oh, I feel stupid...

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