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*dramatic sigh* I'm a victim of catch-22...

Congrats to anyone who gets the lyric ref right off the bat. It's my theme song, as people in RL may know. Or be able to guess, but I'm generally nicer than that online.

I recently made a post in a community that's a rant community. So I figured, I should be able to make a post about something that's been bugging me for a while, right? So I make a post about age limits in "canon" Harry Potter RPGs. Almost instantly, someone jumps on me saying something along the lines of "What you're saying is that you think kids under sixteen are mature enough. By the line in your post that was 'Your game sucks, so I don't care anyway!' you're showing that you're not mature". Now, I'd like to make a post about how I thought this was a rant community, not a "post here so people can tear you down" community, but in doing so I'd be prooving the replier's "point". So should I not post? No, because then I'd be sulking. So should I make another post and keep on commenting like nothing happened? No, because then I'm ignorant. So what's left to do? Post a comment almost retraction, saying I didn't mean to come off like I did. Which is, survey says? Childish, I can't support my own position. The only other option is to steadfastly stand by it and refuse to change my position which is... childish, that's right.

Is that all the options there are? No, there's the other one, the "adult" one, in which I post a message of "oh my god, you are so right, I was stupid to think any other way!" But I'm not going to do that, because I believe myself to be right in this, a matter of opinion. Or at least to keep my own opinion. People who talk with me know that I will change my point of view if presented with evidence of my incorrect opinion, just ask Cassie who has corrected me on obscure points of canon many a time. It appears that you either become the person's lackey, or you're childish. How interesting a world we live in these days.

((All quotes paraphrased to keep plagarism lawsuits at bay, presumably the same reason they misquoted me. And yes, I realize that's very childish, but guess what? I don't act like this on RPGs, which was the entire point of the "argument".))

This is being posted in my personal journal instead of at that community because in all my immaturity, I don't feel like starting a argument that would probably get me thrown out of the community. As shocking as this is to comprehend, I'm fairly non-confrontational, unless I know I am 100% in the right and will win, and not be hated for it. On the Internet, I hardly ever insult anyone, unless I know they won't be offended. And even then, I just insult them jokingly.

Maybe I am immature, since I'm offended by being called immature. But most people I know (except those who are entirely easygoing and don't get offended by anything, including racial slurs) would get upset at being called immature in a zone that's supposed to be for ranting. I know I've seen posts that are far less mature on there, but I don't post telling them that! And some were even made by the person who replied to mine.

While I'm not posting this to the community, I am making it a public entry because it has nothing to do with why I originally became friends-only. (Which was because a jock from my old school found my entries, and I occaisionally posted gossip about that school that I didn't want him to read.)

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