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Guildmerge: Because we talk bout everythin.

Katreon (11:12:05 AM): hi lee
Otakulee (11:12:08 AM): Neko!
Katreon (11:12:32 AM): shall we post on HHP?
Otakulee (11:12:40 AM): *nodnod*
Katreon (11:13:33 AM): you post, i'll reply
Otakulee (11:13:46 AM): Okie. Where?
Katreon (11:13:50 AM): wait
Katreon (11:13:51 AM): n/m
Otakulee (11:14:15 AM): Oh, I finished Rush's app for Marneons.
Katreon (11:14:23 AM): cool
Otakulee (11:14:34 AM): I'll mail it to ya.
Katreon (11:14:40 AM): okies
Otakulee (11:19:24 AM): You've got mail.
Katreon (11:19:32 AM): i noticed
Otakulee (11:19:38 AM): Good.
Katreon (11:19:42 AM): you've got topic reply.
Katreon (11:19:49 AM): lol
Otakulee (11:19:50 AM): w007.
Katreon (11:20:28 AM): okies, i have to eventually make an avatar. any idea where i could find some pics?
Otakulee (11:21:21 AM): Well, I can make a sig pic for ya, and I suggest using anime charas like the majority of the site.
Katreon (11:22:06 AM): i was planning on anime charas anyway, but i have no idea who there is that looks like skye. but if you could make one for me, i'd be eternally grateful ^___^
Otakulee (11:22:18 AM): What does Skye look like?
Katreon (11:22:44 AM): sort of like me, but more thin-ish and with turqoise eyes.
Katreon (11:22:51 AM): *turquoise
Otakulee (11:23:01 AM): Hmm...
Katreon (11:23:43 AM): lol i like your chara's bio
Katreon (11:24:00 AM): what's with the keyword thing?
Otakulee (11:24:15 AM): Oh, it's so she knows you've read the rules.
Katreon (11:24:23 AM): ok
Katreon (11:24:33 AM): i need to go and read the rules, then...
Otakulee (11:24:34 AM): Weird keyword, though.
Katreon (11:24:45 AM): lol i noticed...
Katreon (11:25:01 AM): ack. i lost the link. link me again?
Otakulee (11:25:07 AM): ?
Katreon (11:25:27 AM): to that one, where im gonna play elspeth
Otakulee (11:25:57 AM): Ah, Marneons...
Katreon (11:26:17 AM): yes. thanx.
Otakulee (11:33:39 AM): Erg. Bloody Moonstar.
Otakulee (11:33:54 AM): She's the same person as Kelly Flavin, did you know?
Katreon (11:38:00 AM): oh really?
Otakulee (11:38:12 AM): Yep.
Katreon (11:38:19 AM): lol
Otakulee (11:38:38 AM): The girl who did not care about losing 300 points for Hufflepuff because she wanted to be in Slytherin.
Katreon (11:38:51 AM): lol i know...
Otakulee (11:39:11 AM): She then requested that the mods delete her Kelly chara. Greymalkin got mad...
Katreon (11:39:30 AM): oh wow. not good.
Otakulee (11:39:40 AM): *nodnod*
Otakulee (11:42:57 AM): Get wid da posting!
Katreon (11:43:51 AM): im gettin wid it!
Otakulee (11:43:59 AM): Good!
Otakulee (11:47:37 AM): Hey, for your sig pic, I'd suggest surfing about Anipike
Katreon (11:47:44 AM): *nod*
Otakulee (11:57:19 AM): The Eiffel Tower's on fire!
Katreon (11:57:25 AM): ...?
Otakulee (11:57:30 AM): It is!
Otakulee (11:57:38 AM): One of the levels is on fire!
Otakulee (11:57:46 AM): It just said that, on the news!
Katreon (11:57:56 AM): oh my gosh!
Otakulee (11:58:01 AM): I know!
Otakulee (12:02:27 PM): Ha! Kelly/Karen ran!
Katreon (12:03:37 PM): i know!
Otakulee (12:03:53 PM): *grin*
Otakulee (12:07:27 PM): Erg. When's the new year gonna start? Terms are around 3 months long, this term started end of April, WHEN AM I GONNA BE A SECOND YEAR!!!!
Katreon (12:07:39 PM): lol
Otakulee (12:07:46 PM): Shush.
Otakulee (12:10:14 PM): ...Morgan is easily distracted...
Katreon (12:10:24 PM): i noticed.
Otakulee (12:10:31 PM): She's like me!
Katreon (12:10:43 PM): *nods emphatically*
Otakulee (12:10:49 PM): lol
Katreon (12:10:55 PM): lol
Otakulee (12:11:10 PM): I'm putting this talk in my LJ, ya know.
Katreon (12:11:19 PM): copycat
Otakulee (12:11:27 PM): Biiiiiiiiiih!
Katreon (12:11:39 PM): of course, i don't think i have the right to talk ^^;;;;;;
Otakulee (12:11:48 PM): Ha!
Katreon (12:11:51 PM): lol
Katreon (12:12:20 PM): you have to read what this other person posts, tho. it's...well...odd.
Otakulee (12:12:29 PM): ?
Katreon (12:13:09 PM): hold on, i'll link you to one of her AIM entries.
Otakulee (12:13:20 PM): Kays
Katreon (12:14:24 PM): ok the other ones here? u can ignore them. just read the AIM entry.
Katreon (12:14:31 PM): http://www.deadjournal.com/~neongreywords/day/2003/07/01
Otakulee (12:17:16 PM): Umm....
Otakulee (12:17:20 PM): Right then.
Katreon (12:17:29 PM): eeeeyeah.
Katreon (12:17:59 PM): his wang is like, WOW and stuff. *snickers uncontrollably*
Otakulee (12:18:06 PM): Erg...
Katreon (12:18:11 PM): lol
Katreon (12:18:31 PM): this girl is 17 years old...
Katreon (12:18:40 PM): sad, ne?
Otakulee (12:19:01 PM): Ne.
Katreon (12:24:55 PM): hey
Otakulee (12:25:05 PM): is for horses, yes.
Katreon (12:25:07 PM): whats my marneons chara name again?
Katreon (12:25:09 PM): lol
Otakulee (12:25:14 PM): Elspeth.
Katreon (12:25:27 PM): i know. the full name?
Otakulee (12:25:53 PM): Elspeth Seraphim. You can make up a middle name fer yerself.
Katreon (12:25:57 PM): sool
Katreon (12:26:00 PM): *cool
Katreon (12:29:54 PM): actually, i was talking about the internet in that last post
Otakulee (12:30:22 PM): Ahh... Erm, so Skye's pureblood?
Katreon (12:30:38 PM): yes...i said that in my bio
Otakulee (12:30:45 PM): Ah, right.
Katreon (12:30:47 PM): lol
Otakulee (12:30:49 PM): Oh well.
Katreon (12:30:53 PM): *shrug*
Otakulee (12:30:57 PM): I have Obernewtyn on the brain.
Katreon (12:31:01 PM): lol
Katreon (12:35:08 PM): we're purebloods on marneons, right?
Otakulee (12:35:21 PM): Yeah.
Katreon (12:35:53 PM): ok
Katreon (12:39:45 PM): am i making up my own hair/eye color, or did you already have ideas?
Otakulee (12:40:03 PM): You make your own.
Katreon (12:40:06 PM): ok
Otakulee (12:45:20 PM): You realise, on HHP, 6 out of the 8 on right now are firsties?
Katreon (12:45:29 PM): lol
Otakulee (12:46:18 PM): 2 Ravens, 2 Gryffs, 2 Slyths, and 2 Huffs.
Otakulee (12:46:28 PM): Scary.
Katreon (12:46:41 PM): aiee! the coming apocalypse
Katreon (12:46:43 PM): !!!
Katreon (12:46:45 PM): lol
Otakulee (12:46:46 PM): lol
Katreon (12:46:58 PM): read this
Katreon (12:47:08 PM): [Likes] - Besides teaming up with Rush to cause general chaos, she likes playing chess and drawing. Her drawings are usually half-hearted doodled comics making fun of especially annoying professors.
[Dislikes] - Especially annoying professors...
Otakulee (12:47:31 PM): Remember to read the rules!
Katreon (12:47:44 PM): i know
Otakulee (12:47:46 PM): 5-10 things on both likes and dislikes!
Katreon (12:47:58 PM): i know. i was just starting out on it.
Otakulee (12:48:11 PM): Okie. Good work then!
Otakulee (12:48:28 PM): Ugh, stupid Kelly/Karen.
Otakulee (12:51:29 PM): Ha! I cursed you!
Katreon (12:51:39 PM): biiiiiiih!
Otakulee (12:51:48 PM): lol
Otakulee (12:53:43 PM): Uh... "Skye whipped out her wand, trying to point it at Skye"?
Katreon (12:53:56 PM): whoops
Katreon (12:53:58 PM): lol
Katreon (12:56:01 PM): wild red light light?
Katreon (12:56:08 PM): and here you are, picking on me...
Otakulee (12:56:23 PM): Well, stupefy is red, and due to the dancing, it went wild.
Katreon (12:56:44 PM): no no no. "wild red light light".
Katreon (12:56:49 PM): read it again.
Otakulee (12:57:24 PM): It doesn't say that. You read it again.
Katreon (12:57:33 PM): it does say that.
Katreon (12:57:41 PM): Morgan dodged the wild red light light easily, laughing. "Aw, come on! You can do better than that!"

Katreon (12:57:59 PM): wild red light light.
Otakulee (12:58:01 PM): Read it again. Refresh your bloody window and read it again.
Katreon (12:58:01 PM): lol
Katreon (12:58:15 PM): yeah well
Katreon (12:58:18 PM): YOUR MOM
Katreon (12:58:25 PM): *sticks tongue out*
Otakulee (12:58:35 PM): Biiiiiiiiiiiiiih!
Otakulee (12:59:07 PM): Gah, I'm bored.
Katreon (12:59:19 PM): lol
Otakulee (1:00:16 PM): Jeez, Kelly/Karen's an idiot.
Otakulee (1:00:56 PM): First of all, you've already stopped dancing. Secondly, FIRST YEARS DON'T KNOW FINITE INCANTATEM!
Katreon (1:01:07 PM): lol
Otakulee (1:01:19 PM): SNAPE's the one who used it in the books, fer cryin out loud!
Otakulee (1:01:47 PM): I wanna go to the Hospital Wing again. Injure me!
Katreon (1:02:11 PM): lol. no way, only if you injure me too.
Otakulee (1:03:27 PM): Alright! You hit me with Stupefy as I hit you with Furnunculus!
Katreon (1:13:55 PM): oi lee. reply to the post already
Katreon (1:14:58 PM): ...any day now...
Otakulee (1:15:22 PM): Sorry. I was uploading on FFN.
Katreon (1:15:27 PM): lol
Katreon (1:17:53 PM): what does furnunculus do, again?
Otakulee (1:18:00 PM): Boils.
Katreon (1:18:03 PM): ok
Otakulee (1:18:11 PM): Lots of boils.
Katreon (1:18:18 PM): eek.
Otakulee (1:18:33 PM): Drag me to the Hospital Wing, please.
Katreon (1:18:45 PM): yes, eventually.
Otakulee (1:20:54 PM): Uh, why did KellyKaren take my wand? I'm unconcious.
Katreon (1:21:06 PM): i don't know...
Otakulee (1:21:58 PM): Hee, anyone who looks at my avvie'll think I'm evil..
Katreon (1:22:06 PM): lol
Otakulee (1:22:15 PM): It's true....
Otakulee (1:24:21 PM): Heehee!
Katreon (1:24:35 PM): what? that i figured it out?
Otakulee (1:24:45 PM): Hee.
Katreon (1:24:47 PM): lol
Otakulee (1:28:53 PM): Hey, didja notice Lockhart's now one of the peeps on the FFN chara selector?
Katreon (1:29:06 PM): ooh! cool!
Otakulee (1:29:20 PM): I know!
Otakulee (1:30:53 PM): Gah, stupid KellyKaren!
Katreon (1:31:58 PM): lol
Katreon (1:32:16 PM): i g2g soon anyway. we'll go to the hospital wing some other time.
Otakulee (1:32:23 PM): Okies....
Katreon (1:32:34 PM): lol
Otakulee (1:34:31 PM): Uh, people are playing DDR on a soap...
Otakulee (1:34:36 PM): Channel 9.
Katreon (1:34:44 PM): really?!
Otakulee (1:34:52 PM): YES!
Otakulee (1:34:56 PM): Watch now!
Otakulee (1:35:49 PM): Ya missed it.
Katreon (1:36:00 PM): no i saw it
Katreon (1:36:01 PM): LOL
Otakulee (1:36:04 PM): *shakes head* DDR on Days of Our Lives...
Otakulee (1:36:15 PM): Sad, sad world.
Katreon (1:36:23 PM): that's when you know the world's coming to an end...
Katreon (1:36:26 PM): lol
Otakulee (1:37:41 PM): Shush you.
Katreon (1:37:46 PM): lol
Katreon (1:37:58 PM): read this
Katreon (1:37:59 PM): [Aspirations] - Elspeth doesn't yet know what she wants to do once she gets out of high school. If asked she mumbles something about Aurors and cheesecake, then creates a distraction and flees.
Katreon (1:38:18 PM): wait a sec. that shouldn't be high school, should it...?
Otakulee (1:38:51 PM): Just put school.
Otakulee (1:38:57 PM): And that's funny!
Katreon (1:38:59 PM): i will
Katreon (1:39:02 PM): lol thanx
Katreon (1:39:13 PM): aurors and cheesecake *nods sagely*
Otakulee (1:39:31 PM): :-D
Otakulee (1:39:37 PM): DDR music!
Katreon (1:39:43 PM): ...?
Otakulee (1:39:43 PM): On Days of Out Lives!
Katreon (1:39:46 PM): lol
Otakulee (1:39:49 PM): Our*
Katreon (1:39:57 PM): OUT LIVES!!!!
Otakulee (1:40:06 PM): SHUSH!
Katreon (1:40:16 PM): LOL
Otakulee (1:40:23 PM): GRR!
Katreon (1:40:32 PM): LMFAO
Otakulee (1:42:29 PM): Bolt you.
Katreon (1:42:48 PM): bolt me?
Otakulee (1:43:06 PM): Instead of screw you.
Katreon (1:43:33 PM): ...
Katreon (1:43:37 PM): -_-;;;;;
Otakulee (1:43:50 PM): Hee!
Otakulee (1:47:02 PM): Y'know, if ya get some pics that look even vaguely like you, I kin make ya a avatar.
Katreon (1:47:18 PM): i know
Katreon (1:47:30 PM): im not looking for them right now. i will l8r
Otakulee (1:48:06 PM): Erg! kay, I'll find some pics of girls with blonde hair an make yer avvy.
Katreon (1:48:18 PM): lol
Katreon (1:48:21 PM): ok
Katreon (1:48:24 PM): thanx
Otakulee (1:53:55 PM): Eeek. Morgan's a bee-yotch.
Katreon (1:54:19 PM): *nods*
Otakulee (1:54:26 PM): *grins*
Otakulee (1:57:50 PM): Hmm.. I'm making a poll in the OOC section on what people think of Morgan.
Katreon (1:58:01 PM): cool
Otakulee (1:58:04 PM): I already have Wimp and Annoying as options.
Otakulee (1:58:11 PM): What else should I put?
Katreon (1:58:21 PM): bitch?
Otakulee (1:58:36 PM): Kay. What else?
Katreon (1:59:13 PM): Cool
Otakulee (2:00:01 PM): Vote on my awesome poll!
Katreon (2:00:11 PM): i will
Otakulee (2:00:24 PM): now!
Otakulee (2:04:59 PM): Ha! Handed KellyKaren her arse on a plate! *victory dance*
Katreon (2:05:15 PM): yep! you like my little rant?
Otakulee (2:05:35 PM): Yeah, even though you accidentally italicized most of it.
Katreon (2:05:45 PM): yeah but i fixed it now
Otakulee (2:05:53 PM): Cool.
Katreon (2:06:12 PM): *nods*
Otakulee (2:08:40 PM): Gah... People don't like Morgan...
Katreon (2:08:50 PM): aw.
Otakulee (2:09:12 PM): Two people voted 'Annoying'! TWO!
Katreon (2:09:50 PM): lol
Katreon (2:10:03 PM): as opposed to what other #s?
Otakulee (2:10:16 PM): Huh?
Katreon (2:10:32 PM): like how bout 'curse word'? how many voted that?
Katreon (2:10:43 PM): what did the other results get?
Otakulee (2:10:49 PM): 1. Dear Sara/Rosalind. It makes me happy.
Otakulee (2:11:06 PM): Wimp!
0% [ 0 ]
40% [ 2 ]
*curse word*
20% [ 1 ]
Typical Huffie.
0% [ 0 ]
The most awesomest!
20% [ 1 ]
20% [ 1 ]

Katreon (2:11:17 PM): ah.
Otakulee (2:11:22 PM): I'm the one who 'Most awsomest'.
Katreon (2:11:34 PM): i figured *snorts*
Otakulee (2:11:41 PM): Sush you.
Otakulee (2:11:46 PM): Shush*
Katreon (2:12:09 PM): lol
Otakulee (2:15:59 PM): I made a thread in the Great Hall
Katreon (2:16:12 PM): ok i'll be right there
Otakulee (2:19:50 PM): Erg. Someone voted 'typical Huffie'. Still no wimps!
Katreon (2:21:57 PM): lol
Otakulee (2:22:31 PM): Yay, Andy's on!
Katreon (2:22:55 PM): ooh! he should come eat with us so i can meet him or w/e.
Katreon (2:23:05 PM): or rather, so skye can meet him.
Otakulee (2:23:09 PM): Yes! I shall tell him!
Katreon (2:23:16 PM): *nod*
Otakulee (2:28:04 PM): WHOO!
Katreon (2:28:18 PM): got a winp?
Katreon (2:28:22 PM): *wimp
Otakulee (2:28:29 PM): Gundam Wing/Obernewtyn fic with 5x2 pairing!
Katreon (2:28:37 PM): ah.
Otakulee (2:28:38 PM): I shall die a happy cupcake...
Katreon (2:28:47 PM): O.o LMFAO
Katreon (2:29:00 PM): but i wanna die a happy cupcake...
Otakulee (2:29:25 PM): No! You be happy muffin! I cupcake!
Katreon (2:29:39 PM): aw...i miss you cupcake...
Katreon (2:29:47 PM): oi! where's andy?
Otakulee (2:29:57 PM): Ah, I fergot to tell him...
Katreon (2:30:01 PM): lol
Katreon (2:30:06 PM): well tell him!!!
Otakulee (2:36:39 PM): I did, but he's away.
Katreon (2:36:46 PM): aw
Otakulee (2:36:47 PM): Lol. Funny ficcy.
Otakulee (2:36:50 PM): ”How did you do this? Where are we and how do we get back?” Lily asked, shoving James up to the hall harder.

”Why is it that everytime something bad happens, it’s always me who does it?” James asked no one in particular.

”BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS YOU WHO DOES IT!!!!!” Everyone replied at once.
Katreon (2:37:03 PM): lol
Otakulee (2:37:13 PM): Yeah. HP/Obernewtyn.
Otakulee (2:38:16 PM): *giggle*
Otakulee (2:38:18 PM): ”Nope. I would say that we’ve gone back in time but-“ Bel was cut off when a girl walked into the room.

”Um..do I know you?” She asked. She had green eyes and black hair with a gold armband. James stepped forward.

”Hello my dear lady, but I do believe that.. um..what am I supposed to believe?” James asked looking around to the others.
Katreon (2:38:44 PM): lol
Otakulee (2:39:03 PM): I love the James characterization.
Katreon (2:44:40 PM): im reading sb emails! hee!
Otakulee (2:44:52 PM): ....sb?
Katreon (2:45:03 PM): strong bad.
Katreon (2:45:12 PM): www.homestarrunner.com
Otakulee (2:48:00 PM): Hee. Diff fic. Tonks/Percy, from what I can tell.
Otakulee (2:48:06 PM): "The first thing that Percy noticed upon stepping into the area - well, after the homicidal airplanes - was the noise level of it."
Katreon (2:48:11 PM): lol
Otakulee (2:48:28 PM): Homicidal airplanes... nice.
Katreon (2:48:49 PM): *nodnod* quite.
Otakulee (2:49:59 PM): "The entire department fell silent and looked at the two, eagerly anticipating what the next move would be for either person involved in the collision.

"Wotcher, Percy Weasley," greeted Tonks with a smile and a twinkle of her dark eyes.

Percy closed his eyes and inwardly groaned. Already he was missing his desk job.

The coffee made a dripping sound as it hit the floor."
Katreon (2:50:18 PM): lol
Otakulee (2:52:25 PM): Oh, dear..
Otakulee (2:52:49 PM): Morgan and Winston are going to be in detention til they're dead...
Katreon (2:52:58 PM): uh-oh. not good.
Otakulee (2:53:02 PM): Happy Hogwarts Place -- View topic - SUSHI NIGHT AT THE SLYTHERIN TABLE!! (Once again)
Otakulee (2:53:07 PM): Read the new posts...
Katreon (2:53:13 PM): i will
Katreon (2:54:13 PM): oh dear.
Katreon (2:59:49 PM): have you found any pics yet? if u haven't, i can go look for them.
Otakulee (3:00:03 PM): You may go look.
Otakulee (3:18:23 PM): You found any yet?
Katreon (3:21:05 PM): no
Otakulee (3:21:38 PM): look, just have them have blonde hair! any pic! I'll warp it!
Katreon (3:22:07 PM): lol calm down. i just haven't started looking yet.
Katreon (3:22:17 PM): my mom was yelling at me to come eat
Otakulee (3:22:23 PM): Ah...
Otakulee (3:22:35 PM): Well, hurry up now! I wanna make a sig!
Otakulee (3:25:39 PM): Heehee... Funny Snape/Tonks fic...
Otakulee (3:26:17 PM): She knew him. They had met last year at the headquarter of the Order of the Phoenix and she knew he had disliked her from the first moment on. Probably he thought her to be too young and maybe her habit of tripping over everything in her way and even everything out of her way didn’t make it better. But in the end she would have to deal with him, she thought and so she dared an attempt of conversation.

“Uhmm, hello Severus. How are you. I mean we haven’t seen each other for quite a long time.”

Snape murmured something under his breath what she didn’t understand right but she somehow thought the have heard the word “luckily” in it.
Otakulee (3:28:15 PM): Eek. Tonks just accidentally dropped a book on Sev's head...
Otakulee (3:33:39 PM): Got any now?
Otakulee (3:42:05 PM): Oi, Neko, you even there?
Katreon (3:42:34 PM): i wasn't. i am now.
Otakulee (3:42:46 PM): Cool.
Otakulee (3:43:47 PM): Whoo-hoo!
Katreon (3:44:13 PM): lol
Otakulee (3:44:21 PM): My chara app for Marneon's been recieved. Hence, I shall soon see if I've been accepted!
Katreon (3:44:32 PM): yay!
Otakulee (3:44:48 PM): Yippee!
Katreon (3:45:14 PM): lol
Katreon (3:58:51 PM): oi lee
Katreon (3:58:53 PM): http://artcorner.org/galleries/reffco/misc/dorothy-thanks.jpg
Katreon (3:59:13 PM): the girl on the far right. if you warp her hair blonde, it's perfect.
Otakulee (4:00:05 PM): Okay. I need more.
Katreon (4:00:11 PM): looking
Katreon (4:00:44 PM): DUDE! IT'S HARRY POTTER!!!
Katreon (4:00:45 PM): http://artcorner.org/site/reff/sample/keiiii-2.jpg
Katreon (4:00:56 PM): ...sorry, i got ditracted ^_^;;;;;
Otakulee (4:01:21 PM): Sad, sad person. *shakes head*
Katreon (4:01:27 PM): lol
Katreon (4:02:27 PM): http://artcorner.org/site/reff/sample/sample-natural.jpg
Katreon (4:02:39 PM): the blond girl, but make her eyes turquoise.
Otakulee (4:03:20 PM): Kay.
Otakulee (4:04:22 PM): at least one more, two more preferred.
Katreon (4:04:34 PM): yep i'm looking
Katreon (4:08:19 PM): http://www.deviantart.com/view/2297258
Katreon (4:08:22 PM): this might work
Otakulee (4:08:26 PM): Wimp!
9% [ 1 ]
18% [ 2 ]
*curse word*
27% [ 3 ]
Typical Huffie.
18% [ 2 ]
The most awesomest!
18% [ 2 ]
9% [ 1 ]
Katreon (4:08:37 PM): lol...
Otakulee (4:08:55 PM): *pout* Who voted wimp?!?!
Katreon (4:09:11 PM): *shrug* odd. you're really not.
Otakulee (4:09:20 PM): I know!
Otakulee (4:09:30 PM): 3 curses. Hee, I'm happy.
Katreon (4:09:35 PM): lol
Katreon (4:09:49 PM): g2g
Katreon (4:09:50 PM): bye
Katreon (4:09:52 PM): bbl
Otakulee (4:09:53 PM): byes

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