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And now for something completely different...

And now, an actual entry! Yes, yes, shock, gasp, surprise. Tada, I have a life.

Today was relitivly average, wake up, eat breakfast while reading fanfics, print things out, get picked up by Katreon for church, go to church, leave church. Things started getting weird when we saw Draco at Park Meadows mall.

Okay, not really. But the guy looked exactly like Draco in a few years! It was freaky-weird. "He" bing the poster-guy in the window of GAP Kids. Then, freakier still, we saw Ginny. The poster-girl in the window of GAP Kids, that is. It was scary....

So, here I am, bored out of my bloody mind, drinking a De-caf DDP 'cause I can't have caffine after 5:00. And I really should be typing my play version of the Iliad, but I dun wanna. So I won't.

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