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Gypsy Caravan: Quick quiz and other stuff.

I'm Rogue, Which X-men: Evolution character are you?

I'm Rogue, Which X-men: Evo character are you?

Huh. How'd I know?

Otakulee: Fave pastime: Whining
Fave book: The Martyr's Handbook
Role Model: Eeyore
Dream Job: Professional Victim
Key Phrase: "After all I've done for you."
Boogiefoo Mind: You bitch. >:
Boogiefoo Mind: Just kidding.
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Worrying
Fave book: 1001 steps to Total Orginization
Role Model: Felix Unger
Dream Job: Closet orginaizer
Key Phrase: "It won't work that way."
-- Virgo (me)
Boogiefoo Mind: Can I hear all of them? I wanna find one that actually does me justice. XD
Otakulee: lol.
Boogiefoo Mind: In the meantime, I'll read Sluggy. > : )
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Shooting first and asking questions later
Fave book: Self published "Journal of Personal Wisdom"
Role Model: Yosemite Sam
Dream Job: therapist
Key Phrase: "Are you talking to me?"
-- Aries
Boogiefoo Mind: That one's cool.
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Passing judgements over dinner
Fave book: The Gluttonous Gourmet
Role Model: Uncle Scrooge
Dream Job: Hanging Judge
Key Phrase: "Why do you make me want to hit you?"
-- Taurus (fits me well)
Boogiefoo Mind: That one's cool, too, but neither are actually all that me.
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Jumping to the wrong conclusion
Fave book: How to Get Anyone to Agree to Anything
Role Model: The Tasmanian Devil
Dream Job: Gossip columnist
Key Phrase: "Because I want to."
-- Gemini
Boogiefoo Mind: Naw.
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Giving orders
Fave book: Intimidation made easy
Role Model: Foghorn Leghorn
Dream Job: Boss of bosses
Key Phrase: "You had it coming."
-- Leo
Boogiefoo Mind: Awesome, but nowhere near the Andrew.

Otakulee: Fave pastime: Smirking
Fave book: How to Marry Yourself
Role Model: Barbie/Ken
Dream Job: Devil's advocate
Key Phrase: "On the other hand..."
Otakulee: -- Libra
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Plotting their next move
Fave book: The Klingon Guide to Mercy
Role Model: The Masked Avenger
Dream Job: Judge, jury, and high executioner
Key Phrase: "I'll get you for that."
-- Scorpio
Boogiefoo Mind: http://sluggy.com/daily.php?date=981122 XD And by the way, those two rule. But dammit, nuffin's me. :-(
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Opening mouth before engaging brain
Fave book: The One-minute Philosopher
Role Model: Urkel
Dream Job: Senetor in charge of filibusters
Key Phrase: "Did I do that?"
-- Sagittarius
Boogiefoo Mind: That sounds like Andrew!
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Acting superior
Fave book: The Ten Secrets of World Domination
Role Model: Mr. Freeze
Dream Job: Scrooge's financial advisor
Key Phrase: "One can never be too rich or too thin."
-- Capricorn

Auto response from Boogiefoo Mind: I was just here. Where...?

Boogiefoo Mind: Cool.
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Getting in someone's face
Fave book: Channeling Dead House Pets for Fun and Profit
Role Model: Goldfinger
Dream Job: Head borg.
Key Phrase: "Resistance is futile."
-- Aquarius
Boogiefoo Mind: Awesome.
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Mixing over-the-counter medications to tst thier hallucinogenic effects
Fave book: The Sedona Guide to Interplanetary Communication
Role Model: Mr. Bill
Dream Job: Professional mourner
Key Phrase: "I'm so confused."
-- Pisces


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