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Gyspy Caravan: Deranged.

Jolly good, wot! Anyone for tennis? That'll be ten ponies, guv. You're the epitome of everything that is english. Yey :) Hoist that Union Jack!

How British are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

How random are you?

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Which flock do you follow?

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Which X2 Character Are You?

Do you cluck or do you roar?

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You have just entered room "The Loo."
court knee socks: yay
court knee socks: someone to help us fill "the silence"
lchawaiian4 has entered the room.
Otakulee: What silence?
Tiddelipom PN: Robyn's here!
lchawaiian4: sure am
Tiddelipom PN: This room is dead, Morgy!!
Otakulee: lol
Tiddelipom PN: You're Morgy ya know?
court knee socks: ignore Tidd, she's a bit...
court knee socks: unstable
court knee socks: ^_^
Otakulee: *nod*
Tiddelipom PN: ::laughs weirdly::
Tiddelipom PN: ::sings: dadadadadadada feelin groooooooovy!
Otakulee: *backs away*
Tiddelipom PN: It's a song!!
Tiddelipom PN: XP
Otakulee: Riiiiight...
graaaaaaaaace has entered the room.
graaaaaaaaace: hey
Otakulee: is for horses.
graaaaaaaaace: i was just off watching my all time favorite actor of all time on Conan
Otakulee: Who?
Tiddelipom PN: yeay!
Tiddelipom PN: Conan O'Brien!!
Tiddelipom PN: the MAN
graaaaaaaaace: Joaquin Phoenix
Otakulee: ....who?
graaaaaaaaace: he's the cutest, funniest thing ever
graaaaaaaaace: Joaquin Phoenix
Tiddelipom PN: He was in Signs
graaaaaaaaace: and Gladiator
Tiddelipom PN: He was Merril
graaaaaaaaace: and Commodus
Otakulee: Didn't see any of those.
Tiddelipom PN: @__@
Tiddelipom PN: Do you guys like the room name?
graaaaaaaaace: *gasp*
court knee socks: baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
Tiddelipom PN: Do you all like the name I named the room??
graaaaaaaaace: Cass, you've heard of Joaquin Phoenix, right?
court knee socks: um
graaaaaaaaace: Signs? Gladiator?
Tiddelipom PN: MERRIL IN SIGNS!!
graaaaaaaaace: and Commodus
Tiddelipom PN: bwahahahahaha
graaaaaaaaace: in gladiator, he killed Richard Harris!
graaaaaaaaace: joaquin killed dumbledore
graaaaaaaaace: *gasp*
court knee socks: those last two...
graaaaaaaaace: i gotta go, y'all
graaaaaaaaace: talk to you later
court knee socks: I know Signs and Gladiator...
court knee socks: see ya
Tiddelipom PN: Bye!!
siriuslymad: bye!
Tiddelipom PN: We'll miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
court knee socks: *mourns the loss of Gracie Lou*
Tiddelipom PN: Yeah...
Tiddelipom PN: welcome to the dead loo
court knee socks: anyway, I now have seventeen users
court knee socks: that lifts my spirits somewhat
siriuslymad: ...
Otakulee: ...
Tiddelipom PN: Cass, I have 2 computers, and your RPG isn't bookmarked on the one I'm on now... *hint hint*
Tiddelipom PN: Yeah!
Tiddelipom PN: Bookmark mania here I come!
court knee socks: you have no idea how many times a day I give out that link
court knee socks: usually five times to one person =D at leat
court knee socks: *least
Tiddelipom PN: Heheh.
lchawaiian4: well people, i'm out for about an hour, adios
lchawaiian4 has left the room.
court knee socks: and then there were four
Tiddelipom PN: ::coughs::
Tiddelipom PN: I have a cold
court knee socks: aw
Tiddelipom PN: Cass, did you change Snape's name?
court knee socks: yes
court knee socks: took out the Severus
Tiddelipom PN: Ah!
court knee socks: ^_^
siriuslymad: I'm going to get two hour or so's sleep... (it's 20 to 12am...) so I'll see you all later mayhaps... Er... Don't die of boredom in the dead loo or anything... And be sure to add me if and when I get back on...
siriuslymad: bye
court knee socks: bye
Tiddelipom PN: bye
court knee socks: lol
siriuslymad has left the room.
Tiddelipom PN: ::cries:: this is dead again!!
Otakulee: Yes, it is.
Tiddelipom PN: Hey! I get to go to Grimmauld Place!!
Tiddelipom PN: I'm an Order member!
court knee socks: yup
Tiddelipom PN: ...Does Voldie have a hangout?
court knee socks: yes
Tiddelipom PN: ooh! where?
court knee socks: I need to unhide it
court knee socks: lol
Tiddelipom PN: ah!
Tiddelipom PN: Oooh! And Snape is a psudo Death Eater too!!
Tiddelipom PN: ((Snape is cool!!))
Tiddelipom PN: ::sings:: on top of spageeeeeeeeeeeetttiiiiiiiiiiiiii
court knee socks: =D
Otakulee: Erm...
court knee socks: guess where Voldie's hiding?
Tiddelipom PN: The Loo?
court knee socks: Malfoy Manor...since I lost the other hideout, and I'm too lazy to make it again
Tiddelipom PN: XD
court knee socks: but don't post as him
Tiddelipom PN: as Voldie?
court knee socks: YES
Tiddelipom PN: Why?
court knee socks: *yes
court knee socks: heh
court knee socks: not until we get more people for him to boss around
Tiddelipom PN: ah...
Tiddelipom PN: Would Snape writing in his journal about how Tonks was hot be out of character for him?
Tiddelipom PN: Because everyone has odd thoughts...
court knee socks: !
court knee socks: lol!
Otakulee: ...o.O
Tiddelipom PN: No, can I?
court knee socks: are you serious?
Tiddelipom PN: Yes!
Tiddelipom PN: It's an important issue!
Otakulee: Why?
KwikEMart Guy22 has entered the room.
Tiddelipom PN: Erm, because.
KwikEMart Guy22: teehee
KwikEMart Guy22: the loo
court knee socks: that gross, Tidd
court knee socks: lol
Ss PaN sOn1 has entered the room.
Ss PaN sOn1: Hehee, is this the girl's loo?
Tiddelipom PN: but can Snape think Tonks is hot??
court knee socks: why? 0.0
KwikEMart Guy22: sure he can.
court knee socks: I'm still getting over that
court knee socks: this is for an RPG, Jeff
court knee socks: we
Ss PaN sOn1: Yea, Jeff! ::three snap girl thing::
court knee socks: 're trying to keep it...in character
Tiddelipom PN: Because he has terrible thoughts that he doesn't want...
court knee socks: WHAT three girl snap thing?
court knee socks: lol, Tidd
court knee socks: he's sinister though
Ss PaN sOn1: YOu know that three snap girl thing
court knee socks: that would be rather funny though
Otakulee: SO? Sinister people have feelings too!
Tiddelipom PN: he can think Malfoy's mom is hot!!
court knee socks: lol
Otakulee: Gah!
Ss PaN sOn1: Ew...
Tiddelipom PN: Yeah, remember the pensieve?
KwikEMart Guy22: kissy kissy kissy
Ss PaN sOn1: That's like Grey thinking Cassie is hott...
court knee socks: Marcus thinks she is =P
KwikEMart Guy22: should I invite Grey?
court knee socks: BWAHAHAHA
Tiddelipom PN: ACK!
Otakulee: *twitch, twitch*
Tiddelipom PN: sure, invite Grey.
KwikEMart Guy22: okay
Ss PaN sOn1: FUNNY! http://images.deviantart.com/large/indyart/anime/ginnyginnyginny.jpg
Tiddelipom PN: So who can snape crush on?!
GODly Grey has entered the room.
court knee socks: He's SNAPE
Otakulee: So?
Tiddelipom PN: He crushes on himself?!
court knee socks: does he have to have a CRUSH?
Tiddelipom PN: YES!
KwikEMart Guy22: say something Grey.
GODly Grey: no.
Ss PaN sOn1: LILY!
Otakulee: NO!
KwikEMart Guy22: I want to see what color you are.
Ss PaN sOn1: Yes
Tiddelipom PN: GREY IS GREY!!!
KwikEMart Guy22: GREEN I SAY
Ss PaN sOn1: Manly birck red
Ss PaN sOn1: LOL!
Tiddelipom PN: I win!
Tiddelipom PN: Grey is grey!!
Tiddelipom PN: XP
Ss PaN sOn1: Grey is brick red
Tiddelipom PN: So?
Ss PaN sOn1: Brb Buffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiddelipom PN: Poll: If Voldie had kids, what would their last name be?
court knee socks: not Riddle, he hates that name
Tiddelipom PN: Voldemort, Vold, or Emort?
Tiddelipom PN: Par-Tic-I-Pate!
Otakulee: Emort!
Tiddelipom PN: Poll: Who should Snape crush on? Tonks, Mrs. Malfoy, or (gasp) Lily?
court knee socks: no one...
court knee socks: he's Snape
Tiddelipom PN: Mmmmmeh.
Otakulee: Snape/Tonks!!!!!
Otakulee: Snape/Lily= Notgoodness!
Tiddelipom PN: yeah
court knee socks: none of it
Tiddelipom PN: OH FINE!
court knee socks: I already have everyone's love lives worked out =D
Otakulee: lol
Otakulee: Dare I ask?
Tiddelipom PN: Can Snape wish he had a girfriend then?
court knee socks: ....
Tiddelipom PN: WISH?
court knee socks: does that sound Snapeish to ANYONE?
court knee socks: Other than Tidds
Tiddelipom PN: Ss PaN sOn1: That's like Grey thinking Cassie is hott...
Tiddelipom PN: court knee socks: BWAHAHAHA
Otakulee: Sinister people have feelings too!
court knee socks: would you EVER expect Snape to say that?
court knee socks: aside from your fantasies ^_^
Otakulee: Aww...
Tiddelipom PN: In his DIARY maybe!
court knee socks: I mean at ALL?
Otakulee: Snape. Diary. That just seems wrong...
court knee socks: "I have a crush on Tonks"
court knee socks: amen
Tiddelipom PN: Okay, no Tonks
Otakulee: *pouts*
court knee socks: besides, if it was Snape, it wouldn't be so trivial
Tiddelipom PN: What if he just wanted a girlfriend?
Otakulee: True...
Tiddelipom PN: That's not trivial!
court knee socks: and I already know who Tonks is ending up with in my RPG
court knee socks: Oh please, a little crush fling is so trivial
Tiddelipom PN: Ah.
court knee socks: ^_^
court knee socks: unless he ended up marrying he
court knee socks: *her
court knee socks: and that's just squicky
Otakulee: Who is Tonks going to be with?
court knee socks: La di da...
Tiddelipom PN: He wouldn't have anybody in particular in his head, he just wants a girlfriend, it doesn't matter who!!
court knee socks: he's a teacher
court knee socks: a Death Eater
court knee socks: a spy
court knee socks: do you think he'd have time for a girlfriend?
KwikEMart Guy22: poop
Tiddelipom PN: NO!
court knee socks: and would he want to put her in danger?
KwikEMart Guy22: hehehehehe
KwikEMart Guy22: i said poop
court knee socks: that isn't funny, it's rather sad... =D
Otakulee: Grr. Snape deserves someone, dangit!
court knee socks: he won't have time to have one
court knee socks: I have to post my newest, shiniest rule
court knee socks: Everyone has to put all love life things past me
Tiddelipom PN: And that's why he wants one, because he can't!!
Otakulee: Grr.
court knee socks: because I'm now seeing how it might mess with my SL if I let people run totally rampant
court knee socks: well, I worked reaaaally hard on the SL
court knee socks: so I don't want someone to mess it up ^_^
Tiddelipom PN: See my point, Cass? People want things they don't have! And I won't mess it up!
Ss PaN sOn1: Alena No pimples
court knee socks: ...
court knee socks: that was random
court knee socks: we're having a debate over Snape's love life in my RPG
Tiddelipom PN: help us
KwikEMart Guy22: Grey is a nipple.
Otakulee: ...that sounds weird...
Tiddelipom PN: ...Grey's in the room still
Otakulee: o.O
KwikEMart Guy22: I know.
Tiddelipom PN: New font!!
Otakulee: ....
Tiddelipom PN: Cass, can Snape want a mountain of lollipops if he can't want a girlfriend?
Otakulee: ...*twitch*
court knee socks: *more twitch*
Otakulee: ...lollipops?
court knee socks: let's try and keep his jounral entry somewhat serious
court knee socks: Oh, yeah, that reminds me
Tiddelipom PN: ?? about what ??
court knee socks: you have to write in there that at the last gathering of the Death Eaters, you caught wind of a plot that involves the Ministry's Summer Solstice Ball. You have to make a note to tell Dumbledore about it
court knee socks: you don't know the whole story yet
Tiddelipom PN: Ah
Tiddelipom PN: okay
court knee socks: you heard by luck, because it seems Voldemort is suspicious of you
court knee socks: lol
Otakulee: Uh.
Tiddelipom PN: I'm suspicious of myself, XD
court knee socks: you should be =D
Otakulee: ..... *twitches for the billionth time*
court knee socks: Blaise gets to be at the ball. =D
Tiddelipom PN: why?
Otakulee: ...is that a good thing or a bad thing?
court knee socks: Heh
court knee socks: well, he's a pureblood
court knee socks: so he'll obviously know abou tit
court knee socks: *about it
court knee socks: that typo is sick >.<
Tiddelipom PN: Ewww!!!
Otakulee: lol
Tiddelipom PN: Are Harry Ron and Hermione in his NEWTs class?
Tiddelipom PN: newts class... heh
court knee socks: they'll get their OWL scores soon...but I can assure you that Ron is free from potions
Tiddelipom PN: Ah.
Otakulee: Hee.
court knee socks: it's still just June in the RPG
court knee socks: They're doing something that will take up the rest of the summer... =D
court knee socks: but Harry won't be too happy with it
Otakulee: Bout what?
Tiddelipom PN: Can I say "I hope Potter didn't get an O on his OWLs. Then I'd HAVE to let him in if he wants, nosy git!"
court knee socks: bout what'll happen
Tiddelipom PN: can I say that??
court knee socks: something like it
court knee socks: but not the nosy git part
court knee socks: add something about hating him
court knee socks: and how he's just like his pompous father
Tiddelipom PN: That git I loathe?
Otakulee: Grr. Speaking of, I hate James Potter now.
Tiddelipom PN: Cuz he tried to pants Snape, in the worst way?
Otakulee: Cause he was a complete jerk!
Tiddelipom PN: Oh yeah, that too...
Ss PaN sOn1: ::sighs::
Tiddelipom PN: mab, say something cool
Ss PaN sOn1: I've got something, bad
Otakulee: ....
KwikEMart Guy22: James wasn't that bad.
court knee socks: he was fifteen
Ss PaN sOn1: Not fair I say. But can't argue, now can I
court knee socks: people change
Otakulee: I still hate James. *pouts childishly*
Ss PaN sOn1: He must be gay
KwikEMart Guy22: Obviously non of you are guys.
Ss PaN sOn1: but married Lily for a child.
Tiddelipom PN: he may be bi, then
KwikEMart Guy22: You pants a person to embarass them not the other way around.
GODly Grey: who is bi?
Tiddelipom PN: James Potter
GODly Grey: oh.
GODly Grey: Poor thing.
Tiddelipom PN: Grey, I need SL permission!!
court knee socks: he was worried about what she thought of him...
Ss PaN sOn1: ::sighs::
court knee socks: so why would he just marry her for a child? >.<
Ss PaN sOn1: I must be going now
court knee socks: bye
Tiddelipom PN: erm bye
Otakulee: Byes.
court knee socks: I'd smack you
Tiddelipom PN: what?
court knee socks: but you're leaving anyway
Ss PaN sOn1: Buffy is on, you fools!
Otakulee: lol.
Tiddelipom PN: Ah. what channel?
Ss PaN sOn1: ANd I've got an.........
Otakulee: I've probably seen the ep..
Ss PaN sOn1: Nevermind
Ss PaN sOn1: Bye
Tiddelipom PN: bye
Otakulee: Bye
Tiddelipom PN: again
KwikEMart Guy22: poop
KwikEMart Guy22: hehehehehehe
KwikEMart Guy22: I said poop again.
court knee socks: ...
court knee socks: you're a dork
Tiddelipom PN: you said poop in the loo!
Otakulee: *shakes head*
Tiddelipom PN: that's not allowed!!
Tiddelipom PN: go away!
KwikEMart Guy22: You're not allowed to poop in the loo?
Tiddelipom PN: no!
Tiddelipom PN: it's a chatroom, not a toilet!
Otakulee: o.O
KwikEMart Guy22: oh, I was confused.
KwikEMart Guy22: sorry.
KwikEMart Guy22: Who is Otacolocco?
Otakulee: ....?
court knee socks: lol
KwikEMart Guy22: Otaco.
GODly Grey: A TAco? Where!
KwikEMart Guy22: Otaku
court knee socks: Taco
court knee socks: =D
Otakulee: Erm....
KwikEMart Guy22: yeah you.
Otakulee: Me?
KwikEMart Guy22: uhhuh
KwikEMart Guy22: er...
KwikEMart Guy22: yea
Otakulee: I'm Lee!
KwikEMart Guy22: Grey's got the munchies.
KwikEMart Guy22: Lee who?
Ss PaN sOn1: AMY LEE
Otakulee: GRR!
Ss PaN sOn1: Do not grr me
court knee socks: weren't you supposed to be leaving?
Otakulee: Grr.
Ss PaN sOn1: I did
Ss PaN sOn1: Buffy is gone for a moment
Tiddelipom PN: Amy Lee?
Ss PaN sOn1: ::steps on PM and runs away::
Tiddelipom PN: Isn't she in Evanescence?
Otakulee: .....
Ss PaN sOn1: Evanescence!
Tiddelipom PN: yeah.
Otakulee: Uh...
Ss PaN sOn1: Crap, he's sitting right next to me!
Ss PaN sOn1: He's beating me
Otakulee: ...o.O
court knee socks: ...
GODly Grey: whose beating who?
GODly Grey: And in what sense?
Ss PaN sOn1: Jeff
Ss PaN sOn1: He pulled my hair!
GODly Grey: aww, poor kimmy.
Ss PaN sOn1: He punched me
GODly Grey: didn't he get taught not to hit girls?
Tiddelipom PN: Jeff is gone?
Ss PaN sOn1: ::growls::
Ss PaN sOn1: I'm a guy
court knee socks: really?
court knee socks: *looks shocked*
Ss PaN sOn1: YES!
Tiddelipom PN: No way!
court knee socks: =D
court knee socks: Hah
Ss PaN sOn1: ::pokes Cassie hard::
Otakulee: lol
court knee socks: just joking Michael
court knee socks: OW
Ss PaN sOn1: ::punches everyone:: You fools
KwikEMart Guy22 has left the room.
Otakulee: *pout* What'd I do?
Ss PaN sOn1: Nothing
Ss PaN sOn1: I just hate tacos
Ss PaN sOn1: lol
Ss PaN sOn1: And Grey called me a girl!
court knee socks: are we sad that he left? =D
Otakulee: GRR! Not taco!
court knee socks: jk
Ss PaN sOn1: He's right next to me!
GODly Grey: Poor kimmy.
court knee socks: I know that
court knee socks: heh
Ss PaN sOn1: STOP IT!
GODly Grey: Delusions of manhood.
court knee socks: stop yelling
Ss PaN sOn1: ::Steps on PM::
court knee socks: lord...
Ss PaN sOn1: ::jumps up and down on it::
Ss PaN sOn1: ::rips it up::
Tiddelipom PN: who's PM?
court knee socks: Chill. Out.
Ss PaN sOn1: ::eats it and spits it out::
Otakulee: ....
Tiddelipom PN: I feel dumb now
court knee socks: you shouldn't
Ss PaN sOn1: ::Then beats it with a breadstick::
court knee socks: there's only one dumb person here
court knee socks: and they're the one acting like a rabid monkey
GODly Grey: kimy
Otakulee: lol
court knee socks: ^^
Tiddelipom PN: I have to go now.
GODly Grey: thats who!
court knee socks: aw
court knee socks: bye
Tiddelipom PN: Be back later.
Tiddelipom PN: Erm, grey I sent you the PM.
GODly Grey: Ok.
GODly Grey: It is now, Kimmy
Tiddelipom PN: see ya!!
Otakulee: bye
Tiddelipom PN has left the room.
court knee socks: Stop. Freaking. Yelling./
KwikEMart Guy22 has entered the room.
court knee socks: typos shall die
Ss PaN sOn1: Do I need to spit it in your face?!
court knee socks: I will kill them...
Otakulee: lol
Ss PaN sOn1: I'm not yelling, I'm on the computer
court knee socks: do I need to throw you off something?
court knee socks: I will
KwikEMart Guy22: I'm back and you all shall pay for your insubordination.
GODly Grey: Throw her off teh PMS train.
Ss PaN sOn1: Cassie, I think I need to steal your socks again
court knee socks: you wouldn't dare
court knee socks: you do not steal someone's socks
GODly Grey: ooo bare toes are sexy
court knee socks: especially not when they are PMSing
Ss PaN sOn1: NOT A GIRL!
Otakulee: *backs away* This chat is scaring me....
Ss PaN sOn1: BOY!
court knee socks: since you deny it so much
court knee socks: it must be true
GODly Grey: i think she doth preotest too much.
GODly Grey: protest*
court knee socks: I concur
KwikEMart Guy22: No he is a guy.
court knee socks: not anymore
court knee socks: =D
GODly Grey: Yea!
Otakulee: Should we vote?
Ss PaN sOn1: I'm this close - - to biting you Grey
GODly Grey: She's Kimmy now.
KwikEMart Guy22: I don't hit girls and I'm beating the hell out of him.
GODly Grey: And forever.
court knee socks: we've manipulating reality
court knee socks: we're allowed to do that
GODly Grey: Yes we are.
Otakulee: Uh...
Ss PaN sOn1: One more thing and I'm biting you!
GODly Grey: I can do it because I'm GOD, and Cassie-mun can do it because she's cute.
court knee socks: ^^
court knee socks: and that gets you all the power in the world
court knee socks: except for GOD power
GODly Grey: we can turn genetalia inside out.
court knee socks: which belongs to Grey
court knee socks: ^_^
Otakulee: *twitches violently*
court knee socks: well, I refrain from doing that until you've nicked my socks
GODly Grey: see... theres only tree type of people..
GODly Grey: Sexy, cute and normal.
Ss PaN sOn1: ::Bites everyone and goes and goes and watches Buffy. Muttering somethign about how he should kill someone::
Otakulee: lol
court knee socks: if you did
KwikEMart Guy22: Have you evry met COURTNEY?
court knee socks: well, that wouldn't be nice
court knee socks: Shut. Up.
GODly Grey: No, i have not.
court knee socks: Don't say that name. *shudders*
KwikEMart Guy22: What is it courtney?
court knee socks: I'm way past asking nicely
KwikEMart Guy22: did Isay somthing bad courtney?
GODly Grey: Never even seen her, but I'm sure she's better looking that you, kimmy.
Ss PaN sOn1: He's jelouse, Cassie
Ss PaN sOn1: ::bites Grey:: YOU FOOL I"M A GUY!
court knee socks: This is cheerful. I can no longer see anything Jeff writes.
KwikEMart Guy22: Yeah, micheals fat and bald.
GODly Grey: I'm having way too much fun.
Ss PaN sOn1: ::Bites off Grey's leg::
court knee socks: is that possible?
Otakulee: *twitches yet again*
court knee socks: like I said before
KwikEMart Guy22: say fucking, you pussy.
court knee socks: denying it so much makes it seem like it isn't true
KwikEMart Guy22: soory sorry
court knee socks: or the other way around
GODly Grey: We made you a girl Kimmy.
GODly Grey: =P
KwikEMart Guy22: I have to put a quarter in the swear jar.
Otakulee: ...
Ss PaN sOn1: ::growls and steps of his PM, then burns it::
GODly Grey: And you're a girly girl.
court knee socks: didn't you already kill that thing?
GODly Grey: Not butch likeCassie-mun.
KwikEMart Guy22: Grey, you have a poontang.
Ss PaN sOn1: NO! not yet
court knee socks: hah
KwikEMart Guy22: mmmmm.... nothing like poontang pie
GODly Grey: WTF is a poontang?
Ss PaN sOn1: I need to kill SOMEONE first
Ss PaN sOn1: It's you!
Ss PaN sOn1: You fool!
court knee socks: ...
Otakulee: ...
Ss PaN sOn1: ::Walks away as burns HIS PM::
GODly Grey: I called cassie-mun butch. Sorry if you took offense to it.
KwikEMart Guy22: I'll im you the definition if you really must know.
Ss PaN sOn1: It need to go to **** first
Otakulee: lol
court knee socks: will you PLEASE just go watch Buffy
GODly Grey: yea!
KwikEMart Guy22: I just don't want the PMS COurtney inankle biter mode.
court knee socks: I am getting sick and tired of hearing, "Buffy time!"
court knee socks: it isn't our fault you missed the season
court knee socks: it is your own
court knee socks: so let us insult you in peace
court knee socks: thank you
GODly Grey: Shes not the one PMSing Chiquita.
GODly Grey: Kimmys the one who seems to be raggin'
KwikEMart Guy22: I think she ignored me anyway.
court knee socks: ^^
Otakulee: Gah, gotta go.
court knee socks: aw, bye

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