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Guildmerge: Another chat with the Neko....

Otakulee: Neko
Katreon: lee
Otakulee: neko
Katreon: lee
Otakulee: neko
Katreon: lee
Otakulee: Go to the ball neko.
Katreon: ok. where is it?
Otakulee: hold on.
Otakulee: Happy Hogwarts Place -- View topic - Halloween Ball
Otakulee: I'm writing an X-men: Evolution fic!
Katreon: yay!
Otakulee: Lee Bailey was in a bad mood.

A very bad mood.

The kind of mood that made you hide under your covers and whimper for your mommy bad.

Her lip was cut, and her nose bleeding profusely. But that's not why she was in a bad mood. No, her bad mood was a culmination of events, on which her bloodied up face featured insignificantly. Prominent on the list, however, were this damned week called 'freshmen initiation', and those damned jocks insisting that girls couldn't play football.

Otakulee: "Damn bloody jocks," she muttered as she slammed her locker door open irritably, ignoring her blatant overuse of the word damn. "And all this before school even starts. I need to hurt something…" She wiped away the blood with a napkin she found in her backpack and began throwing books haphazardly into the locker.

"Hello!" came an overly cheerful voice from behind her. Turning about in a rather world-weary manner, Lee sized up the tall, smiling redhead and sighed.

Otakulee: "May I help you?" As if there is any help for you Lee thought privately.

A bit disconcerted by the freshman girl's cynical, unfriendly sounding voice, Jean Grey's happiness dimmed almost to her intelligence level. "Er, I'm Jean Grey. I'm going to be like your guide and mentor for the first week of school!" she said, attempting to be bright and cheerful again.

An effort that was wasted on her inductee, as the girl stared up at the ceiling and said, "This is not what I meant by freshmen initiation."

Katreon: lol
Katreon: that's pretty good
Otakulee: Thankies
Otakulee: Grr. I need a title.
Katreon: *shrug*
Otakulee: I also need a plot, but that ain't stoppin' me.
Katreon: lol. why would it?
Otakulee: Well, I do have a vague idea.
Otakulee: I'm thinking of making me a normal human.
Otakulee: Just to mess with the cliche fic style.
Katreon: ah...cool! but you know about the mutants and stuff?
Otakulee: Yeah. I should put something like "Oh, I have cousin who's a mutant. *pause* Or gay. I forget."
Katreon: LOL that'd be great!
Otakulee: Wouldn't it though?
Katreon: *nodnod* save that. put it in.
Otakulee: Okay.
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: I have decided that Pietro is an Aquarius.
Katreon: *nod* any particular reason?
Otakulee: Well, I have this book, Born On a Rotten Day: Illuminating the Dark Side of the Zodiac.
Katreon: ah. cool.
Otakulee: And the Aquarius chapter fits him so well it's scary...
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: The chapter title is 'Mama was a spy, Daddy was a psychopath'
Katreon: LOL
Katreon: awesome
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Getting in someone's face
Fave book: Channeling Dead House Pets for Fun and Profit
Role Model: Goldfinger
Dream Job: Head borg.
Key Phrase: "Resistance is futile."
Katreon: what's that?
Otakulee: About Aquarius.
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: "Kind astrology depicts the Water Bearer as an assertive, original, and idealistic individualist who treats every person equally. What you get is an in-your-face eccentric who spouts oddball ideologies to anyone he or she can corner"
Katreon: lol...but so true
Otakulee: Now, the section called "If You Are One - Born Rotten"
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: "You have the annoying habit of acting like an authority on subjects about which you know little or nothing."
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: "...Your brain works faster than you can speak, so your conversation is riddled with mispronounced 5-syllable words that make you sound like Roger Rabbit talking about his uncle's 'probate' gland."
Katreon: LOL yep that's pietro...
Otakulee: "Your never-ending quirkiness and incessant questioning are the reasons why you have no close friends and your family live in other states."
Katreon: you're right, this does fit pietro.
Otakulee: "You are so unconcerned with how people think of you that you rarely bother to bathe or dress on weekends"
Otakulee: "You are the most annoying sign of the zodiac. You force friends and family alike to all-night speculations about the pros and cons of stamps you lick versus the peel-and-stick kind"
Katreon: LOL
Otakulee: Ah, and the "It's All Relative - The Aquarius Family" section
Otakulee: "Aquarian teens wear Pendleton shirts over aqua-colored tights to school, dye thier hair red,black, and yellow all within the same week, and have a diverse circle of friends that includes the grade-schooler next door and the elderly greeter at the local megamart. When other kids are dreaming of prom night, young Water Bearers are figuring out how to rewire the fire alarm so it rings every half hour."
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: That's perfect Pietro-ness.
Katreon: yes it is.
Otakulee: Oh, and Leo, for you.
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Giving orders
Fave book: Intimidation made easy
Role Model: Foghorn Leghorn
Dream Job: Boss of bosses
Key Phrase: "You had it coming."
Katreon: lol! that's me.
Otakulee: And me:
Otakulee: Fave pastime: Worrying
Fave book: 1001 steps to Total Orginization
Role Model: Felix Unger
Dream Job: Closet orginaizer
Key Phrase: "It won't work that way."
Katreon: and that's...not you. lol.
Otakulee: Well, the phrase is...
Otakulee: And the more in-depth part does too.
Katreon: *shrug*
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: "You have one belief. Everyone in life is beneath you. There isn't an idea you can't approve upon, or a person you can't whip into shape. You pride yourself on being a discriminating perfectionist, but everyone else sees you as a royal pain in the ass. You are very intelligent, but can't make any practical use of your knowledge, so you end up spouting platitudes and pumping gas."
Katreon: is that you?
Otakulee: *nod*
Katreon: eeeeyep.
Otakulee: lol
Otakulee: And then, in the family section...
Otakulee: "Your Virgo baby will learn how to tie her shoes, dress herself, and have a vocabulary to rival yours by the time she's three."
Katreon: lol! yeah that's you.
Katreon: uh-oh
Otakulee: "Virgo kids smile constantly, even when they're stoutly refusing to do what you're yelling at them to do. Virgos are born set in their ways, and there is little you can do to change them."
Otakulee: What?
Katreon: i think we're about to start a food fight...
Otakulee: Erg.
Katreon: and LOL that is so you.
Katreon: yes erg.
Otakulee: Well, Hufflepuff's already in the negatives.
Katreon: yeah.
Katreon: huh?
Otakulee: At the library-Hogwarts at South Branch, Hufflepuff was always in the negatives, remember?
Katreon: oh yeah! freaky!!! O_o
Otakulee: Oh, we're gonna be in sooooo much trouble...
Katreon: eeeeyeah. *g*
Otakulee: hey, neko, I've figured out ages and grades for all the charas in my fic.
Katreon: cool
Otakulee: 13 - Lee
14 - Rahne, Jamie, and Jubilee
15 - Bobby, Sam, Ray, Amara, Kitty, Kurt, and Todd
16 - Rogue, Pietro, and Wanda
17 - St. John, Jean, and Fred
18 - Scott, Lance, and Remy

9th - Rahne, Jamie, Jubilee, Amara, Lee
10th - Bobby, Sam, Ray, Kitty, Kurt, Todd
11th - Fred, Pietro, Wanda, Rogue
12th - Scott, Lance, Remy, Jean, St. John

Katreon: *nod* coolies.
Otakulee: Pairings: Scott/Rogue (duh)
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: Jamie/Rahne
Otakulee: Jubilee/Bobby (lord knows why)
Katreon: cuz they're just so good together? *shrugs*
Otakulee: Jean/Remy (I find both annoying)
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: Amara/St. John (the fire thing)
Otakulee: Kitty/Pietro (they're both so damn hyper!)
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: Wanda/Lance
Otakulee: Kurt/Amanda
Otakulee: me/who knows?
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: I should like someone completely unexpected.
Otakulee: But I can't think of anyone.
Katreon: lol. cuz everyone's either expected or way too annoying, right?
Otakulee: Yeah. Or taken.
Katreon: yeah
Otakulee: Cause I will not be with Todd
Otakulee: Ray is freakin arrogant
Katreon: lol. who would?
Otakulee: Sam, well, he's okay. Southern. So maybe I'll be with Sam.
Katreon: *nod*
Otakulee: Except his sister's a mutant too. Her power is that she sheds skin.
Katreon: ewwwww.
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: Ooo, oo!
Katreon: what?
Otakulee: I can have more mutants come in!
Katreon: oo! yeah!
Otakulee: Who though?
Katreon: um...me? my brother? idk, people we know.
Otakulee: No, I want mutants with comic background
Katreon: ah
Katreon: well then...
Otakulee: Well, I can have Angel and Havok actually join, I suppose.
Katreon: oh yeah. that'd work.
Otakulee: ANAIS

Powers and Abilities:
metamorphing animal mutation gives her heightened strength, agility and reflexes, night vision, enhanced senses, healing abilities and razor sharp talons that extend at different lengths

Katreon: woo cool.
Otakulee: Yeah.
Katreon: you're bringing her in?
Otakulee: Yeah. I figure, about 4 new mutants oughta due the trick.
Katreon: yeah
Otakulee: CARGILL

Powers and Abilities:
heightened strength, stamina, and steel-hard skin that makes her resistant to physical injury and temperature extremes

Katreon: *nod*
Otakulee: And now, two guys.
Katreon: yes. because guys are good.
Otakulee: And cause my chara needs one.
Katreon: yes. which is why they are good.
Otakulee: lol
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: RECALL

Powers and Abilities:
psionic locative memory allows him to detect and track people he's met and objects related to those people

Katreon: ooh that's neat!
Otakulee: *nod*
Otakulee: SABRE

Powers and Abilities:
hyper-accelerated metabolism augments his natural speed, agility, reflexes, resistance to air friction, and the healing properties of his body

Katreon: cool
Otakulee: So, should Lee be with Recall or Sabre?
Katreon: hmm. i think recall.
Otakulee: Okay then
Otakulee: And Sabre/Anais or Sabre/Cargill?
Katreon: hm. sabre/cargill.
Otakulee: Okay then.
Katreon: okay then.
Otakulee: I gotta leave in like 10 mins for a birthday party.
Katreon: ok
Katreon: it's cool
Otakulee: Oh jeez.
Katreon: what?
Otakulee: Neither Anais or Sabre have real names.
Otakulee: So I need to make them up.
Katreon: oops.
Katreon: lol
Otakulee: Gah. I need to go.
Otakulee: Ciao.
Katreon: bye

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