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Slight spoilers for "Semi-Detached"

Awesome LOCI premiere.

Especially like the flirting between Goren and Nelda. That was interesting. Hell, the entire episode was interesting. I thought it was going to be mediocre, at the beginning, but then they visited the clinic and the flirting started.

Best part of the episode? When she was trying to break them apart, and then the detectives compared notes on what she said. That was awesome.

Next episode: "As far as murders go, it's pretty flashy"? Bad joke, Eames, bad joke.

Crossing Jordan now!

"Hey New Guy."
"It's Sydney!"
Ooo, even more shades of the Pretender.

"What is she doing, make a drop-off on the biggest night of my life?"
"Aw, junior prom?"

Haha. Am going now.

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