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Hah, challenges are fun.

I just posted like, the ultimate challenge on CCS (http://ccschallenges.proboards27.com/). Basically, it gives you an excuse for almost any crossover.

The Split Challenge (massive crossover)

When a dead body shows up in Boston, the only identification they can find leads to a law firm in Los Angeles, named Wolfram & Hart. Woody heads off to investigate, bringing Jordan and Peter along. At the same time in Honolulu, Detectives Edwards and Gains discover a similar body and - you guessed it, head to LA to investigate.

Somewhere along their investigative lines, it's discovered that there is a demon (or a warlock, or whatever) that's been splitting people intergral to the PTB's plans, making a yin and a yang of both (sort of like Xander in "The Replacement", only less severe).

[b]The split people (choose at least three, or come up with your own ):[/b]
Jesse McNally - Detective Christopher Gains (BtVS/Hawaii)
Peter Winslow - Detective Danny Edwards (Crossing Jordan/Hawaii)
James Horton/Cavanaugh - Jarod (Crossing Jordan/The Pretender)
Jordan Cavanaugh - ADA Claire Kincaid (Crossing Jordan/Law & Order)
Jonathan Levinson - Doyle (BtVS/Gilmore Girls)
Vi - Penelope Hope (BtVS/Bring It On Again)
Faith - Missy Pantone (BtVS/Bring It On)
Warren Mears - Steve Dixon (BtVS/The Jury)

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