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Lalala... Hm. Gotta love these cold drugs.

*bobs head to music* I love this CD. Thank you Pammy!

Trickster's Queen is an awesome, awesome book. I never realised how predisposed I was to spies (I still like samurai over ninjas, though). Anywho, gotta love rebellions. Even though they make me want to quote the Gundam Wing movie's bit like a cynic. Y'know, the waltz bit.

Yeah, I'm still sick. It sucks. My mum gave me her cell to call her if I need anything. Seriously, I don't think the cold medicine I'm taking is doing anything except wrapping my mind in gauze. I'm still sneezing and coughing up a storm. The coughs especially are confusing me, I took two cough suppresents, last night I went to bed with something that's supposed to control, and I'm sucking on Halls mentho-lyptus, and still I cough. Yeesh.

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