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What is this, drive Lee insane day?

My elbow keeps seizing up. Damnit. It's getting really, really annoying, and really, really distracting. Watch I pulled something with all the hacking I've been doing.

It's odd, really. From the last couple of posts, you people would assume I'm dying. Nope, I'm actually feeling quite fit, aside from hacking coughs, muscle seizures, and a runny nose. It's like the point is to annoy me, not to hurt me.

Or, most likely, I'm putting far too much into this. It's just a virus, stupid me.

Fire drill soon, if Sloan's to be believed. Which he is, 'cause he's Sloan. I can't believe Sloan is retiring this year, it's insane.

Haven't used this icon in a while. Which I just typed as 'a mile'. Yeeeeeesh.

Am wanting to write a Tamora Pierce fic about the "third female page" (common type of fic in the TP zone on FFN). Told from the POV of a boy page who wanted to be a merchant, gosh darnit, but is an only child of a significant noble.

Jeez! Mr. Cornell's throwing Tootsie Rolls again! He has bad aim, and a strong arm. I need a helmet here!

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