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Happy October! I've got a story idea.

"Isn’t it a wonderful world, where I can find a section on Assyro-Babylonian mythology in a book I randomly take off the library shelf? Why, who knows, I may be sitting upon a Hellmouth!"

That’s my reasoning behind my planned series, Aurora Borealis. In which my dear friend Jennifer is the Slayer, and I am quite miffed at it. Also, spoofing episode titles! Yay!

Instead of each episode title being a chapter, I think I’m going to make seven really long chapters, each title being a part within. (For reference, Troy and Tad are two characters I’m creating.)

1: Welcome to the Hellmouth (We Call it Bob)
2: The Harvest Moon
3: The Bitch
4: Preacher’s Pet
5: Always Use a Boy As the First Bait
6: The Hack
7: Angela
8: I Tarzan, You Alien
9: The Pet Show
10: Night Mares
11: Bout of Kind, Bout of Spite
12: Prophecy Kids

1: When He Was Rad
2: Some Assemblies Are Mired
3: School Guard
4: Inca Gummy Pearl
5: Reptile Troy
6: April Fools
7: Die to Me
8: The Renaissance
9: Whose Line Is It Anyway? (1)
10: Whose Line Is It Anyway? (2)
11: Fed
12: Tad Begs
13: Wise (1)
14: Guilt (2)
15: Phrases
16: Bewitched, Cheers, and the Cosby Show
17: Ration
18: Killed By Life
19: I Only Have Eyes for Your *censored*
20: Old Maid
21: Second Coming (1)
22: Second Coming (2)</ljcut>

More coming soon. Post with your ideas, if you got any (Andy, I mean you!).

Also: Some idiotic baby Buff is ranting stupidly - and wrongly - about the government. He seems convinced that Kerry's the one who wants to rebuild Iraq instead of America, says that we don't need taxes to build roads or keep up schools, and - just used the word "pansy". All credibility? Out the freaking window.

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