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Handfulls of Randomosity, yo.

That’s getting annoying. The stupid Internet Explorer keeps quitting whenever I try to post to LJ.

Anyway, it’s Homecoming Week, everyone! Yesterday was Sport Day, I came as a rugby player. Today’s celebrity day, and I figure if anyone asks who I am, I’ll ask if they’ve ever seen Joan of Arcadia, and then start humming “What if God Was One of Us?”.

Tonight’s the tailgate party, although I’ve no idea what movie they’re going to show.

Tomorrow’s Decades Day, I wanted to come as a mobster but eh. Ain’t got no suit. Thursday’s class day, juniors are Hawaiian (yes, I am going as Detective Edwards, and shut up). The parade’s going to be after school. Friday is red and green (our school colors) day, I’m going to wear every color except red and green. The Homecoming Game is also on Friday.

Saturday’s going to be big. I’ve got that college fair in the morning/early afternoon, and the dance from 8 til’ 10.

*hits self* I forgot the big news! TOM AND NETS ARE A COUPLE! I mean, well duh, but officially now. How cute is that? Seriously, I hope they get married, they would have the most adorable children.

What else… Oh, the Young Republicans here? Seriously stupid. On their fliers, it says “Come to the first meeting and be in the parade! Meeting: Wednesday, October 5, 3:15PM – whenever the parade ends”. So, I’m guessing they’re spending the night? Parade’s on Thursday, plebes!

I’m currently reading the Bourne Supremacy. Good book, nothing like the movies (wasn’t Conklin killed in the first movie?), although they’re good too. (Matt Damon…) Just saw an awesome movie, called Drowing Mona. Funny, funny thing. And Casey Affleck, in that? So looks like he’s either Draco’s older brother, or an older Draco. Seriously.

Bugger. Let’s hope Safari lets me get at the updating page now. And it does! Yes!

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