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Went to the good old Lard-o today...

Took our second test in Geometry today, I was the second to turn it in (the first girl stood up at the same time as me, but was a couple of desks ahead of me). Best part? I think I got them all right!

After Geometry, I went over to Laredo (I swore I thought it took longer than five minutes to walk all the way over there... ah well) to hang with my mum. She took me around to see all my old teachers, and I was very offended when, upon visiting Mr. Reinke, a girl in his class asked if I was joining the class. An eighth grade class! I may only be a year older than her, but I assume I look older than an eighth grader! I'm a junior, for crying out loud!

Ran into Midget in the upstairs hallway, and Angela Mack in Mrs. Patrick's room. Angela grew up well, I tell you. I barely recognized the old bratty girl I once knew and liked far above her siblings. I still like her better than her siblings, but she's almost model quality now - and I mean healthy model, not just skin and bones.

It was really odd. Mr. Poole was teaching in the room I took sixth grade English in, and Mrs. Patrick teaching in my old seventh grade math room! Mr. Batt and Mr. Evans were in the same places as before, though.
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