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Okay, I was reading episode summaries on Fatal Optics. And I've decided that "On Angel's Wings" is my current fave episode. The Scooter/Rogue was so damn blatant!

The review from FO (hee, amusing acronym):

On Angel's Wings

Plot: It's the holiday season, and mysterious "Angel" sightings are springing up throughout New York City, actually the conflicted Warren Worthington III putting his amazing wings to work and saving lives. When the rest of the students go home to their families, Rogue and Scott remain at the Institute and take a trip to the city to locate and possibly recruit "Angel"... even though Scott, deep down, wants to believe that the sightings are real. (Scott has an odd habit of searching for things to believe in.) When Magneto tries to coerce him into joining his side, Scott and Rogue help poor Angel out. However, Scott bets he won't join either side.

Scott: Recieves a sweater from Rogue, wears the sweater, plays chess with Hank, confesses his belief in angels to Rogue, runs away from a religious fanatic, browses a music store (I think it might've been Virgin Records) chases Angel, blasts a chandelier off of Angel, talks to Angel, hugs Rogue.

And, of course, Day of Reckoning. The episode that made me crazy.

Day of Reckoning I and II

Season One's finale was nothing like this. Nothing as earth-shattering, frightening, moral-disrupting, re-evaluating, nothing quite as shocking as Day of Reckoning. One fuck of a lot just changed, folks, and I certainly hope Season Three displays all of it. The X-Men have lost their home, their belongings. Wolverine, at the very least, is now in the grip of a group of (I think) nameless fanatics who plan to make life very difficult for mutants, not to mention the other X-Men and Brotherhood members who were left behind. Pietro has disbanded from his brothers to join his father, who has, at last, shown some affection for his daughter, forcing Wanda to rethink her outlook on life and family. Xavier is missing. Lance, Fred, and Todd knowingly betrayed what small bonds they had with the X-Men by willingly allowing Mystique to manipulate them. Jean has, apparently, recognized her affection for Scott. We got to see Scott's nipples. :P Er, yeah, back to seriousness... There's no way I can summarize these two episodes, so I won't even try. All I can say is, we're going to have one hell of a third season. Will Scott be leading the remainder of the X-Men, homeless and lost? Or will they stay with Mystique and the Brotherhood boys? What will become of Wanda and Pietro and their relationship with their father? Will sofuckinghot!Pyro, er!Collosus, and ugly!Gambit develop personalities, or are they doomed to be blank slates for Magneto's purposes? Will Scott ever get rid of that weird habit he has of briefly separating himself from his teammates at crucial moments? O.o The world may never knowwwwww.... Woo.

Oh, and that
The Stuff of Heroes
I now proclaim today as the day where every Logan fan who ever had something against Scott for being overly-macho or pigheaded bends over and gets their ass hit with a braille copy of "Firestarter" for five minutes straight.
Scott: Angst!
Jean: Shut up.
Scott: >.> Sorry.
Other Young X-Men Present: :D We are mildly amusing.
Logan: Grr.
Rogue: ::stands there and looks cool in a trenchcoat that disappears sometime between entering and leaving the cave they've been hiding in::
Choppers: :D :D DIE!!
Logan: Grrr. KILL!!!
Scott: No! Bad Logan! Sit!
Logan: You suck, kid.
Scott: No I don't because I have confidence in my team and this is where I get to be supercool and responsible because, hey, YOU'RE obviously not doing anything!
Bobby: How the hell did Hank and Storm get into Washington anyway?
Kitty: And where are we? In, like, some sort of rural area of New York?
Kurt: Maryland, possibly?
Evan: Why would we be in Maryland?
Scott: :D :D Guys! Shut up!
And then they run away from the evil government, but Logan disappears somewhere, and they fly around. Meanwhile, Storm and Hank try to convince, uh, people that mutants really aren't evil. And then Juggernaut tries, for reasons unknown to everyone but him and possibly Rogue, to break a dam and flood a town full of people, and Scott's like "Uhh, maybe we shouldn't go help them. I mean, they'll just blame us," and Jean's like ":D Use the force!" so they turn around and, through a lot of kick-ass action, which includes Scott saying something mildly kinky to Juggernaut ("YOU WANT IT RAW?!" was it? ::coughgigglegrin::) and then ripping off his visor and it's pretty amazing O__o because it's... Uh, big. Realllly big. Anyway, through a lot of ass-kicking, they eventually stop Juggernaut, for however briefly, save the village people (XD Y-M-C-- OK, stopping. >.>) below, and the President of the United States decides to say that OK, yeah, you guys can be citizens and have basic rights, too. And then Rogue is like "Hey, wicke-- OH MY GOD!!"
Scott: What?
Rogue: ::collapses::
Scott: ::holds her:: Are you OK? Did Juggernaut have pervy thoughts in his head? Are you going into shock? Why are you looking at my crotch? I know my body has been weirdly feminine and flexible throughout this episode, but if you could pleas--
Jean: Shut up.
Scott: :D
Rogue: Guys! Guys! It's... an extrememly convenient plot twist!!
Scott: Yay!
Jean: Yay!
Logan: ::shows up out of nowhere:: Yay!
And it turns out that Juggernaut, with the help of Mystique, the dirty old whore that she is :P switched places with Charlie and he's been in that tank thing all along. So they all go to that place, and Scott's all, "::cradles the Professor in a cutely concerned way:: :D :D Everything's okie-dokie now!!" and there was probably a moral to this episode, but I missed it, because I was too busy giggling with utter glee over the fact that Scott taking charge had NOT ruined his cool factor, but, if anything, enhanced it. ::grins:: Go Scott.
Question: What the hell was that thing with the ice? And the television? What was that about? How did Bobby do that? Did I blink and miss something very important?

Scott: Sulks, has tense, mildly romantic conversation with Jean, is mildly sarcastic, is pessimistic, stands up to Wolverine, leads the team all cool and stuff, flies the maaaagical jet, does more cool leader stuff, displays awesome ninja moves, (OK, he did this weird summersault, but he looked cool and, being the big, lanky guy of the show means he doesn't get many chances to look agile, which he apparently is.) says something straaangely kinky to Juggernaut, rips off his visor and causes mass destruction, looks really cute while doing it, gets his face held by Juggernaut, I swear I won't get into the cykology that prevailed throughout that particular scene, comforts the professor, stands near the remains of the Institute's staircase looking all stoic.

Blind Alley
Well, that was lame. >.> I guess it was only to be expected that Scott worried for his safety for the majority of the episode would be lame, since one of Scott's best cool factors is his ability to tune out everything else in pursuit of something, whether safety for his teammates or the recovery of a mentor.

Good Points:
-Shirtless Scott.
-Scott's "Nobody was there" line. :P Aww.
-Everybody loves innaccuracies with wildlife. >.> Wolves wouldn't attack Scott unless they thought he was threatening their young, right? And they wouldn't look like something out of the cartoon version of "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe". I almost expected Scott to start shouting "Azlan! AZLAN!" in a phoney British accent as he ran through the desert, which amused me to no end. :D
-Nipple shots. (Note: Not the same thing as body shots.)This ep was just crawling with them.
-Scott and his wicked sensitive hearing! Not as emphasized as it should have been, but there none the less.
-Badass!Scott in the basement scene with the lights out.
-Jean to the rescue! XD Go Jean.

Bad Points:
-Every time Jean opened her mouth. Could the girl GET more cliche?
-Xavier can't locate Scott in Mexico city, but Jean can. Why? Because they have a "connection".
-Weakling!Scott. Now, I know I write weakling!Scott all the time, but that's no excuse for the writers to start doing it! >.> He acted like a panicked squirrel throughout the episode. Now, of course that's something someone else would do, but this is Scott, for Chrissake. In such situations, you'd think he'd be more likely to mutter a lot and take out his frustration on conveniently-placed walls.
-The entire episode was just an excuse for Scott and Jean to get together. There was NO character development or furthering of the plot beyond "Hey, Mystique got out!" even though she could have done that AGES ago.

Hopefully this newfound relationship with Jean won't ruin Scott's character and turn him into even more of a lap puppy, or I may very well not make it. >.> I want somewhat rebellious, badass!Scott back. ::whines::

Alright. I put that one on here simply for the humor factor.

The Toad, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
What's the appeal of men who look suspiciously like Duncan Matthews and have weird (Austrian? I almost expected him to whip out an accordian and start yodeling for Wanda, so... hm, damn confusing stereotypes!) accents? O.o Anyway, a pleasantly silly episode, even if the end result was kind of... creepy. Perhaps even more so because of the light-hearted nature of the episode. Poor Wanda. And Todd. And... Kurt. And man, that Pietro's a devious, cowardly little fucker this season, ain't he? I think I like him better like this. He's demented.
Drives very quickly towards A Large Bridge Which is Not The Tappan Zee Bridge, Despite Appearances (TM!), shoots stuff, talks to Wanda.

Self Possessed
Rogue loses control of her powers, causes general mayhem, and bonds with Logan. Boring. Would have made more sense to have Scott bond with her, as they've bonded before, and he's her friend, and that could've proved that she DID have friends besides Risty, and, really, come on, that Logan thing was just RANDOM. The only thing to hint that they'd be all bondy with each other was the beginning of Stuff of Heroes. Scott and Rogue have, like, TWO EPISODES. They only did that because of the motherfucking movie. SELL OUTS, I TELL YOU. Bah. Also, it's a definitive property of Scott's power that he's immune to it, so as, y'know, his eyelids don't blow up. Rogue blasting him wouldn't have done shit. Yarrhg, innaccuracies. This ep made me sick.
Scott: Gets his ass beat by Rogue in racket ball match, goes on psuedo-date with Jean, is confused that she doesn't think it's a date, tries to help Rogue, gets his ass handed to him again, is generally concerned, if moreso than the others, not as much as Logan, who was randomly thrown in because, I will repeat, the writers are bastard sell-outs.

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