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NCIS. Rules. Yo.

That's crazy.

I was doing a little reading on NCIS (on http://www.ncisredstar.com/), and it says that Gibbs was/is a Gunnery Sergeant. My dad was a rank above him (Master Sgt) before retiring, how crazy.

Other fun info:
- Gibbs has been working at NCIS for 18 years. Given that you're usually in the service for about 10-15 years, and I don't think you're allowed to enlist before you're 16. So he's at least... 45? Crazy, that's how old my dad is (but he was in for 20 years).
TIMELINE, using 2003 as a base point:
1985 - Gibbs starts at NCIS
1998 - Abby starts working at NCIS (or possibly earlier)
2001 - Tony starts working at NCIS
2003 - Kate starts working at NCIS

Military (unofficial) mottos:

"Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential SIR!"

MARINE = My Ass Really Is Navy Equipment

"U Soldiers Aren't Ready for the Marines Yet."
"Uncle Sam Aint Released Me Yet"
and then Spelled backwards
"Yes My Retarded Ass Signed Up."

"Never Again Volunteer Yourself"

"You have to go out out. You don't have to come back."
"Support Search and Rescue, get lost"
"We who have done so much with so little for so long can now do anything with nothing."
"USCG, Uncle Sam's Confused Group"
"Under Staffed, Can't Go"
- US Coast Guard (USCG)

Now, I knew all of those, except for some of the Marine jokes. For some reason, my dad and his friends weren't too keen on them...hm.

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