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Veronica Mars. Freaking rules. You all MUST watch.

Well folks, it's that time again. Yes, the time that Lee chooses her favorite new TV show of the season, favorite overall show of the season, and (a rare category, not often seen) the character she most wishes to throttle simply for IC reasons.

Fave New TV Show: Veronica Mars
Fave Overall TV Show: Veronica Mars
Character to Throttle For IC Reasons: Aaron Echolls, the bastard. (Also of Veronica Mars.)

Hell, I'm even going to say VMars is better than Buffy or Angel. Because it is. Put it this way: Tonight was the sixth episode - keep in mind I missed the pilot, so only the fifth I've seen - and I'm already wanting to bash in a character's skull for hurting my favorite character. And I even growled at one character for being responsible for a minor character who I've seen in one scene on highway duty. Yes indeed.

With Buffy? First episode I saw, I was intriguied, and giggled at some dialogue (I saw "Helpless" first and couldn't tell Oz and Xander apart, but still). Veronica Mars? Was sooooo into it I almost immediately wrote fanfiction for it. Me, who wants to be 100% comfortable in a fandom and in canon before even attempting to draft a chapter, was so caught up in it I wanted to write the characters. Come on. I was into Buffy at least a year before my first fic (a crossover with a minor character neglected by fanfiction).

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