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Neptune High RPG

Well, I did it. I made the first Veronica Mars RPG on the 'Net.

Go me!

Of course, I got fed up with the constant freezing of my computer last night, and neglected to put up the info (which I can't get at right now), but I'll have it up sometime tonight. For now, if you want to participate, just join the community and comment on the first post in the journal (which I'm off to write directly after this). Even if you don't feel up to a main character, please join anyway! We're going to need a bunch of Rich White Boys (and Girls, for that matter), and members of the bike club, etc.

Rules as of now: When commenting on the post, all you need is which character you'd like to play and a link to either your personal LJ, or a sample of your writing. This won't be elite by any means, but grammar and a basic idea of spelling will be required.

Please list the top three characters you'd like to play, even if someone else has already asked for a character. I will take the best person for the job.

The Link:

The Poll (please vote even if you're not going to join):
Poll #379115 Basic Info Gathering

How should the Neptune High RPG's plot be run?

It should take into account each episode as it comes
It should follow it's own plot but take into account character relevations (who killed Lilly, etc).
It should just break off from the show and decide who the murderer is itself.


(X-posted to veronica_mars, my LJ, and Neptune High forums.)

ETA: Now I feel really stupid. Ignore the 'it's own' bit. I missed that when I was typing up the poll.

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