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I just came to a shocking realization: I was exactly like Jamie/Multiple in elementary school. Y'know, always hanging around with older kids, trying to be like them, not quite knowing how much of a dork I looked.

Anyway, what I also wanted to say is this: That lunch lady, from the McDonalds commercials, is the same "Rat Poison" lunch lady from the Buffy episode Earshot. Scary, ne? What does that say bout Mickee D's?

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    biscuiteatingsob (10:53:38 PM): ...one of the letters on RedEye tonight? Ends with "PS: Have you heard of Colorado? We have mountains."…

  • zomg.

    ... nuttymadam made it onto the Soup.

  • NCIS 2nite, summed up:

    "You lied to me, wall!"

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