Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

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Approx 10 hours and counting...

Man, my back hurts. My mother wonders why I'm always sprawled out in front of the computer, instead of sitting up. It's because I'm hunched over all day at school, that's why!

Feelin' pretty good about my test in Algebra.

On the V-Mars front:

WATCH TONIGHT! Just because I got Kris, Kat, and Weissman to watch, doesn't mean you all shouldn't as well! And to those wondering, yes, I am planning to write a V-Mars/BtVS/Gilmore Girls/X-Men crossover, why?

I can't decide which is worse: Today being a Green Day, and so I have nothing to do; or today not being a Red Day, so I have nothing to distract me.

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