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And y'all doubted my geekdom.

I have achieved new levels of geekdom. That's right, I assembled my own crime scene kit. No, I'm really not joking. We have:
- A baggie of latex gloves.
- A recorder.
- A pack of double-A batteries.
- Index cards.
- Five evidence (ziploc) baggies.
- A water mister.
- Clear packing tape.
- Silver duct tape.
- A straw/spoon.
- Two larger bags.
- Plastic box containing:
-- Paper napkins.
-- Q-tips.
-- Paper clips.
-- Toothpicks.

No joke. Now to my nightly dinner of Ramen and 7-Up. And being paranoid about all these prints I'm leaving everywhere. I may be geekily psychotic, but that could get me a job one day! (And yes, I have talked myself into taking Chem next year. What's wrong with me?)

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