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So, I'm watching Phil of the Future, right? And it suddenly occures to me that "Benjamin Bradley Farmer", aside from being a younger, cuter, maler me, would be awesome for Rush (if I thought I could change his PB again without getting shot) or as another character I've been considering. So, before getting shot, I decided I should check and make sure there's enough pictures of him to do a sig/av set. I go to risingstar.to, my resource for all young, fairly obscure actors, bring up his page. And what, pray tell, do I find out and later check on imdb.com?

That dear, dear Rory Thost is actually someone I know very well, being on A SHE SPIES EPISODE AND ONE OF THE THREE EPISODES OF JAG I'VE EVER SEEN! Shit yo.

"She Spies" playing "Robby" in episode: "Learning to Fly" (episode # 1.19) 5 May 2003
"JAG" playing "Tommy" in episode: "Ice Queen" (episode # 8.20) 22 April 2003

I remember going, "Aw! Poor traumatised kid!" and then "Wish it had happened to me, damn it."

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