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Lose at life!

It's Monday morning and I'm... hungry!

Remember, you lose at life.

Also: Am going to kill that idiot who is humping the table over there or WHATEVER he's doing, because it is helluva annoying.

Two CSI episodes on tonight. One of which, "Bully For You", I believe I commented on previously. Remember, with the Jonathan-alike? Neither is going to get as disturbing as "Gentle, Gentle", with that poor little kid (and I'm not talking about the dead one, either).

Last night's Crossing Jordan rocked my socks. Especially Sidney. He's my favorite. "Oh no, I saw that seminar, I'm staying over here." Not to mention the fact that I'm finally getting the references! Jordan said that the guy was "Burked", and Sidney's all "Huh?", so I repeat what Grissom said. I'm talking word-for-word. It was scary cool, yo.

Brought the Casebook of Forensic Detection and that book on serial killers to school for fun today.

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