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Lee's AKAs.

Dude, Jenn just opened this really freaky email her grandma sent her. It was awesome, me and Jenn both screamed. Thankfully, we're in Sloan's room and it's 6:45AM, so no one was around to notice but Sloan (and he wasn't paying attention).

So, today:
Geometry, aka "Lee attempts to write three essays so she doesn't fail Expos."
Assembly, aka "Lee and Jenn skip out to do Lord knows what else. If they can get away."
Free hour, aka "Lee finishes writing essays/copies summaries of sci-fi books and prints for extra credit in Science Fiction/reads fanfic."
Programming, aka "Lee does jack-all."
Lunch, aka "Lee's final school meal 'cos she wants to make some mula, yo!"
Japanese, aka "Lee zones out and fails the course."
Home, aka "Lee picks up her DVDs in front of the house at 3:30PM, watches one or two CSI episodes, and then switches from the DVD player to..."
Cable, aka "Lee watches two season two CSI episodes from 5 till 7."
CBS, aka "Lee watches NCIS and gets drooly over Michael Weatherly."
UPN, aka "Lee rejoyces and gives thanks for a new Veronica Mars episode (and drools over Jason Dohring)."

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