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SPOILERS for National Treasure

National Treasure ruled.

I mean it, best movie I've seen in a while. Mostly because of Justin Bartha, who was absolutely adorable as Riley. Especially in the car scene: "I'm hungry. *pause* This car smells weird." As he's all curled up in the back seat using a jacket and a document tube containing the Declaration of Independence as a pillow.

Another favorite part: After a harrowing brush with death where Ben Gates drops the girl in favor of the Dec. of Indep. and she lands on a ledge, he's trying to apologize about it and she goes "I would have done the same thing," and they smile at each other, and Riley comes over and is all "I would have dropped both of you. Freaks." And that was how the movie was. Sure, it had romance, but the romance took a back seat to the action and history, which was nice. And Riley was so the audience, whining about being hungry, and not getting anything - until he finally does when the two history geeks don't, and revelling in that.

My geekiest moment: The Bad Guys as led by sexeh Ian Howe (aka Sean Bean, whom I can never hate because he's Faramir's brother as well as adorably killed by Tom Cruise) are trying to find the next clue, using Google. The results blink up the milisecond (or sooner) after hitting enter, and I lean over to my mother and go, "They've got some serious DSL there!"

Well, that, and my crowing of "He's Photoshopping it!" when Ben was making himself an ID. And my joy at watching him get the fingerprint, complete with a whisper of "Genius!"

But Riley, love the Riley. Am going to go make a Riley icon if I can. With Photoshop. Hehe. And does anyone else think I'm going to marry a guy named Riley because of my love for all the characters with that name?

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