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Dear lord.

Oooh, I've got this intense headache. And, since I go to Craptastic High, I'm going to have this headache until I get home (the nurse isn't allowed to hand out Advil, don't ask why).

Tomorrow's PLAN testing for sophomores. Ah, PLAN tests. I remember my scores, what was the lowest? 97th percentile amongst college bound sophomores for reading? Good times, good times.

And now I want to know my PSAT scores. Eh. And need to start studying for the SAT II's, for that matter. I've got books on US History and English, 'cos those are my best subjects. And you just know that whatever I major in is going to be in the Social Studies area.

JESUS! The goddamn announcements just came on, and these jerks don't seem to know how to talk normally, so they're screaming from the speakers.

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