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I had an idea.

An idea in which there's an American school of magic that's kind of like Battle School. My version of the American wizarding education system:

At age five, you are either home schooled (wizarding kids) or sent to a state school (Muggleborns and those half and purebloods who don't have a parent to teach them). At age ten, all kids are sent to regional schools (the country being divided into four quadrants). At age fourteen, they start specializing and apply for advanced schools in a variety of categories. Those who fail to get into any are sent to the New York school, where they finish the next four years.

Anyway, my fic idea:
After the events in OotP, the British Ministry decides that it might be a good idea to infiltrate Hogwarts with government employed wizards trained in fighting. But since their youngest possible agent is in her twenties, they turned to the one institute in the world where children are taught to fight: America’s School of Advanced Warfare, Magical Division. For maximum effectiveness, they request one boy and one girl, years four through seven, who will fit into each house. A total of thirty two kids. Which is a lot, considering there's only forty kids in each of the four years (twenty girls, twenty boys), and they're separated into ten teams (for those wondering, yes, the teams only consist of sixteen people).

The story would focus on three, maybe five OCs total, and a medley of canon characters. We'd have Delaney De Luca as a slightly insane seventh year Ravenclaw who forms a grudging alliance with Cho Chang and Marietta Edgecombe; the stoic Rainforest Zeal Burke as a Hufflepuff sixth year who bonds with Zacharias Smith over the idiocy of Gryffindors; and Tyler Davidson as a sixth year Ravenclaw, hopelessly out-of-depth with the plotting of Anthony Goldstein, Terry Boot, and Michael Corner. Aka, me showing some of the less popular characters in a better light. Also the reason I’m thinking of adding in a sophomore kid who becomes friends with Colin Creevey and one who infiltrates Slytherin and starts going insane from all the politicking.

Burke was having a beautiful dream. He was flying high above the School, without walls or a ceiling or even mountains in the distance to box him in, just the limits of oxygen density in the upper atmosphere. He was dressed in the elastic green jackets of a senior, and his Team was filled with the best and brightest in the country.

His dream was rudely interrupted by a loud “Get your asses up now!” He half jumped, half fell out of bed, already reaching for his jacket, as the rest of the male population of Griffin Team was undoubtedly doing. A door-slamming later and they could hear a similar yell echoing in the next door girl’s dorm.

Tyler, the boy who sat in the bunk above him, groaned almost as loudly as the shouts. “Has De Luca lost it? It’s not even six yet, the freaking sun hasn’t risen! Jesus, it’s cold.” he complained loudly as he rolled out of bed and hit the ground on ice-cold feet.

Burke grunted back at him as he yanked on a pair of boots, not bothering wasting his breath. It was fairly obvious that De Luca had heard the rumors about the delegation the American Council would be sending to Hogwarts. What she was hoping to accomplish by running her Team ragged over a rumor, he wasn’t sure, but that had always been De Luca’s style.

Delaney De Luca was the de facto leader of Griffin Team. De facto, not declared, because you weren’t supposed to have a single leader of a team, it was against general code. When the School of Advanced Warfare, Magical Division (or SAW Magic, as everyone called it) had been established, one of the tenants was that each team was to be run by a committee system, with all of the senior students having a say. Some said they had done this on purpose to see which students would disregard the rule and take a higher position. Others said that no, the teachers were just too stupid to notice. Either way, you nearly always had one senior who would overrule the other three and form a totalitarian regime.

Burke and Tyler dressed quickly, donning their nondescript brown jackets with the red stripe marking them as Griffins over the traditional black pants and tank tops – and boots for that matter, people really liked the color black around there – as they ran out the door. The duo made their way to the main entrance through the shortest route possible, ignoring the mocking calls and lazy insults from Lethifold and Nundu, the two night teams whose areas they had to pass through.

“God, I hate the night shift.”

Burke considered responding to Tyler’s mutter, but discarded the idea quickly. He had known the other boy since they were both five, Tyler could easily guess his responses. If it weren’t for his extremely vocal nature, the two of them wouldn’t have any verbal communication at all.

“Yeah, I know, they’re not called the night shift. But it’s a fitting description anyway. And who came up with the idea to have half the school awake in the day and the other half at night? And why did they let us be woken up this early if we’re supposed to be one of the day teams? And why–“ His ranting was cut off by their arrival at the main entrance where De Luca stood guard over her troops.

“Davidson! Burke! Get in line!” she yelled. Tyler winced at the use of his last name, but Burke didn’t even notice. ‘Tyler’ was a decent name, but when your name was ‘Rainforest Zeal’, you took your last name where you could get it. They rushed to comply, falling in next to their smirking female counterparts. It was rather embarrassing, even the freshmen had made it there before them. “All of you, head out to the field, I’ll meet you there.”

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