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Deliberate vagueosity!

Dude, I love this song.

For those of you who've seen Ocean's 12, it's the music from the scene when the bad guy is in the laser room. Awesome song. No words, but the best beat ever.

The movie ruled, by the way. Best part: "Who died and made you Danny?" "I'm sorry." And... come on, like you weren't going OMGLinusTurkOTP!

'Cos, y'know, I was...

And then there's the "You just called his niece a whore." "She's [nine, seven, something like that]! And she's in the hospital with a chronic-" "No, you shouldn't tell him." "Yeah, I'm sorry." Poor Linus!

Current IMDb votes:
Males 6.5
Females 7.2

Aged under 18 7.2
Males under 18 7.0
Females under 18 8.2
Aged 18-29 7.0
Males aged 18-29 7.0
Females aged 18-29 7.7
Aged 30-44 5.4
Males aged 30-44 5.2
Females aged 30-44 6.5
Aged 45+ 6.6
Males aged 45+ 6.6
Females aged 45+ 6.5

US users 6.9
Non-US users 5.8

Females under 18 rate it highest? *innocent look*

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