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Helluva long post, with pics!

Just saw a new Flight of the Phoenix commercial. “One of us has got to kill him”, indeed! You don’t kill Giovanni Ribisi, it’s just not on!

This really shouldn’t amuse me so much, but… There’s a LJ community for Smoky Hill, I kid you not. It seems to be the cool new thing – there’s an Eaglecrest community too. Odd.

Today at school, my computer was being updated, so I went on Jenn’s (she was out sick). I guessed her password in about five seconds, and then proceeded to change her desktop to words reading “Jenn, don’t you know that you’re not supposed to use a name as your password? Lee”. Can’t wait till tomorrow – er, later this morning.

Then there was Teen V.O.I.C.E., which wasn’t quite as good as usual, but I got a ride home from Curtis! Heehee.

Also, I decided something new. I’m a-gonna post pictures of some of the people in my life so you’ve got visuals when I write about ‘em. Go to http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v74/Leevee/family/ and surf through the photos if you want, I’m posting the funny ones here. (Cheat guide for those who care: Tom and Zach are previous crushes, Curtis - and to a lesser extent, Mr. S and Cameron - are current crushes.)

Teen V.O.I.C.E.

Kayleigh grimancing after drinking terrible lemonade.

EJ and Kris on their ways to the girl’s bathroom – we were checking the ‘Crossdresser Curtis is hot’ graffiti.

From left to right, Kayleigh, EJ, Kris, and Curtis in the background. Kayleigh, EJ, and Kris were getting married (by me, at first, then by Jeanette), and Curtis is their best woman.

Curtis pretending he’s in a gang. Or possibly just bored.

Curtis sulking in the corner because we took his lucky pencil.

Curtis dancing. I have no idea why.

Curtis going back in the closet.

The blob monster Curtis drew for me (since I said that was all I could draw).

Haha! The picture Kris drew of Crossdresser Curtis, complete with purple swordbelt, opal earring, whip, and garter belt. Don’t ask. (She then drew a speech bubble with the phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me”.)

While moving forward in the wedding procession, Curtis tripped over a chair and fell onto the ground.

The Island

Zach… really likes baloney. Don’t ask.

A guy who waved at Zach when Zach was waving at… everyone.

Tom, in the background, is cheering about weird faces.

Tom: “What am I, your bitch?” Me, Jenn, and Casey: “Yeah, pretty much.” Tom: “Oh, okay. *throws away our trash*”

Tom: “That’s a small ass camera!”

Tom: “Stop recording me!”

Tom, on a discussion of our worst fears: “My worst fears? These people! *gestures to include everyone sitting at table*”

Tom: “Oh, yeah, I’m manly, I think I’m going to the bathroom that way. *’Manly’ gesture behind him*”

Tom: “This is my GEH-TOE backpack.”

Jenn prays to her computer to work.

Cute Guys in My Sociology Class

Mr. S(krulsky), the Soc. student teacher. He’s really cute, only engaged, le sigh.


Haha, dude, a ref to “Time Enough At Last” on Family Guy!

Night now.

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